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MAR 2017

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SURFACE DRILLING 34 E&MJ • MARCH 2017 hanced mine. It is compatible with Joy Global's new high-precision GPS telere- mote operation console and automation solution, which features geo fencing, auto-navigation, obstacle detection and mitigation, and the Hawkeye 360 cam- era system. The rig is remote controlled from a compact portable console with the same interface available in the operator's cab. It is effective from a distance of up to a mile via local site mesh or Wi-Fi. Safety features include a physical lockout key, SIL-3-rated E-stop and a 500-ms com- munications watchdog. Enabling the rig's automated func- tions, sensors and an array of beams create a 3-D grid that calculates size and distance and can differentiate objects. The user defines the GPS limits for boundaries when creating geo-fencing. Auto navigation, the company said, provides high-accuracy and uniform drilling processes, ensuring desired fragmentation size, which can increase production and reduce wear on equip- ment and components. It factors x, y and z axes when setting hole depth. The function ensures holes are drilled within 10 centimeters (cm) of the planned pattern. Advanced auto drill adjusts the rotary speed and feed rate to maintain the optimal depth. Opera- tors can compensate and adjust spon- taneously when needed to situations that affect cycle time performance to keep the bit engaged. Other innovations separate the rig from its predecessors and the competi- tion. Its new boxer-style single rack-and- pinion mast offers the same amount of retract force as pulldown to aid the oper- ator in the case of getting stuck in tricky material, or even hole collapse, Collins said. "The user will not experience any potential chain slippage, but rather oper- ate under constant load."

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