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MAR 2017

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MINING INDABA 2017 MARCH 2017 • E&MJ 53 mining codes," he said. "In either context, though, good leadership among stakehold- ers is vital to a successful outcome." Beyond Africa While Indaba is indelibly Africa-focused, some participants are looking further afield. Johannesburg-based BME, an ex- plosive specialist, is about to carry out its first blast in the U.S., to secure its oper- ating license. The company is the world record hold- er of the largest electronic blast, said CEO Joseph C. Keenan. This method uses a chip rather than a detonator to set off the main charge, allowing much greater precision than if a conventional chemi- cal-based detonator is used. BME will continue to invest heavily in its African manufacturing base even as it expands in the U.S. "We won't be the hometown kid, competing against U.S. and Canadian explosive companies, so we will have to play to our advantages, such as be- ing a world leader in electronic blasting." In a twist of script on the ever-present topic of country risk that is raised when - ever African states are discussed, it now appears that the big danger to mining projects is not on the continent itself but further afield — the U.S. The "aggressive protectionism" of President Trump's ad- ministration could lead to a weaker dollar and sharp drop in imports, which would hurt demand for raw materials, warned Dambisa Moyo, a global economist. "It is worth reminding you that in the 1930s after the great depression, the U.S. adopted a very aggressive stance similar to what we are hearing today around trade and protectionism," Moyo noted. "It put up approximately 2,300 tariffs to block trade around the world. We know what the consequences were — a decline in economic growth and mass unemployment. Most economists agree that it delayed the recovery of the U.S. economy." A handful of protestors gather outside Indaba to call for wealth sharing and better safety for communities around mines. ______ ______ With its unique overhead beam design and four pull-to-close hydraulic rams, the GHT 4X4 outperforms all traditional filter presses through superior capacity, efficiency and reliability. It is fully automatic and designed to dewater large volumes of slurry with maximum speed and efficiency. GHT 4X4: THE FILTER PRESS SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR MINES

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