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MAR 2017

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60 E&MJ • MARCH 2017 EQUIPMENT GALLERY Outotec unveiled the 7-Axis Beam Mill Reline Machines (MRMs), lifting machin- ery designed to replace wearable grinding mill lining systems. The MRMs fully com- ply with the European Machinery Direc- tive for safety, the company reported. Main features include radio remote control, feedback screen, electrohydrau- lic proportional control system, powered travel and rotation of the liner cart, rail or tire drive options, safety rated control components, and an alignment camera system for grapple (optional). The MRMs can be maneuvered using a conventional rail arrangement or a tire drive system, which provides increased fl exibility for transport around the mill deck. A traveling liner cart with pow- ered slew for rotating liners and a crane with 7° of freedom for manipulation of the liners inside the mill ensures safe, effi cient and reliable operation, the com- pany reported. Crawler Carriers Get Bigger Payload Capacity Prinoth announced increased payload ca- pacity for the T6, T8 and T12 models. The increase is 20% for the PANTHER T6, 11% of the T8 and 9% for the T12. The vehicles feature a one- or two-per- son cab, large deck space, and can be equipped with a multitude of specialized attachments, the company reported. The series boasts a best-in-class pay- load capacity (46,000 lb), a track design for optimum traction, large wheel tandem suspension undercarriage, elevated en- gine position, and pavement-friendly rub- ber tracks. Additionally, the company introduced the T14R Rotating Dumper, with a 29,100- lb payload and a maximum speed of 8.1 miles per hour. The vehicle allows the con- tinuous rotation of its upper portion, allow- ing it to work in tight, sensitive areas. Rear Ejection Dumping Hagenbuch's Rear Eject Bodies are made for underground hauling and where over- head barriers inhibit traditional dumping. The Rear Eject series eliminates the need to raise the body of the truck when in the presence of overhead barriers by instead enabling dumping while in motion. With- out moving or raising the truck bed, an ejector blade pushes material toward the rear of the truck, while the tailgate lowers down and material is completely ejected. The unique sweeping action of the blade virtually eliminates all material. The series provides for more dumps in less time, signifi cantly increasing job- site productivity, the company reported. The ability to effectively empty the truck without raising the body augments safety in underground mining applications that have low overhead clearance. PHIL Rear Eject Bodies, adaptable to any make and model of articulated off-highway truck as well as a number of rigid frame trucks, can be used as aux- iliary feeders, delivering material to a crusher if a primary feeder malfunctions or breaks down. Handheld Analyzer for Oil Spectro Scientifi c introduced Version 5 of the FluidScan portable infrared oil ana- lyzer, which enables users to determine when oil is contaminated or degraded. The new version is more sensitive, ana- lyzes faster, and draws on a larger body of archive data than previous versions, the company reported. Only one drop of oil is needed for on-site analysis, which eliminates the wait caused by outsourcing analysis to third-party labs. The new version lowers limits of de- tection on total water measurement for turbine oils from 1,000 parts per million Remote Control Beam Relines Grinding Mills Safely

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