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H&L 2017 PREVIEW 50 E&MJ • APRIL 2017 TAILINGS FLOTATION CELLS THICKENER UNDERFLOW CONCENTRATORS CENTRIFUGE AND CYCLONE FEED Series 5200 Control Pinch Valve Series D Slurry Knife Gate Valve Series DX Slurry Knife Gate Valve Series 75 Manual Pinch Valve Red Valve | 412.279.0044 The Best Choice for the Toughest Mining Applications. Since 1953, Red Valve Company has been the world's leading manufacturer of slurry valves for the mining industry. Built to last, Red Valve products are the industry's first choice for isolation and modulating valves througout a mining operation. Our global representative network stands ready to work with you. opposed to the reactive responses more typical of current operational strategies. In his presentation, Electromobility Solutions for Modern Haul Trucks, Daniel Robertson, business manager for mobile mining equipment, North America, Sie- mens, will discuss the evolution of elec- tric drive systems used by modern haul trucks. It will also briefly cover recent de- velopments and compare the advantages and costs of traditional systems against hybrid drives and trolley assist. Fleet Management Lia Walker, Quality Leader II, Free- port-McMoRan, kicks off the Tuesday morning session with Innovative Infor- mation Mining: Fleet Optimization. Free- port-McMoRan Inc. (FCX) has continually made it a priority to invest in processes and systems that provide the information required to run a data- driven business. FCX has established a competitive advan- tage by coupling technology with its world class resources. New advancements in technology have presented an opportunity to gain insights into Business Intelligence (BI) and drive new efficiencies. Big Data solutions are characterized by large volumes of data that have a wide variety of data types and must be processed at a high velocity. These types of data cannot be processed by traditional means and require a differ- ent approach. Building on advanced BI and capabili- ties as far as the Internet of Things (IoT), Freeport's Big Data strategy includes de- veloping and implementing a technical solution combined with integration with the business operations to achieve results. The vision is titled Innovative Information Mining, and the company is focused on solving critical business issues like reduc- ing equipment idle time, improving cycle efficiencies and avoiding high-cost com- ponent failures. A collaborative team was challenged with analyzing data to identify root cause opportunities that improve the mining process. The team is implementing the technology, as well as developing the processes, people, and engagement mod- els that ensure a lasting positive change. In his presentation, Craig Griffiths, manager, customer solutions, Volvo Con- struction Equipment asks: How Big is Too Big? Mines and quarries around the world are limited by capital available and the deposit's potential. Quarterly reporting, although interesting for the share markets (when positive), loses sight of the objec- tive to sustainably extract the resources available. The mindless pursuit of num- bers can kill a company. Deferring capital expenditure (cashflow) is a fundamentally sound management program for opera- tions. To lose potential cashflow while maintaining a sound bankbook, can, in the long run, be the most economically sound solution for an operation. More companies are investing in mod- ern technology to assist mining opera- tions. In his presentation, Turning Erden- et's Data into Dollars, Job Del Rosario, business solutions manager, Micromine Americas, discusses a case study in- volving the Erdenet Mining Corp. (EMC). Finding ways to reduce mining costs and improve efficiency while working complex ore bodies has been a challenge for EMC, a large Asian copper miner. They decid- ed to face it through the introduction of technology that also would strengthen the technology skills of their employees. With

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