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JUL 2017

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ROCK BOLTING 50 E&MJ • JULY 2017 It's no secret. Today's miners are pursuing metals in deeper un- derground operations. In the western U.S., gold miners are en- countering weak geological conditions. In Canada, some of the mines are so deep that the geology is becoming fluid. While the fluid description might be an exaggeration, what was needed in both cases was a rock bolting solution. If the miners are going to win the battle in these extreme conditions, they will have to add some new tools to their arse- nal. One of the leading ground control suppliers, Jennmar, has recently announced three big developments: the self-drilling, yieldable Multiple Point Anchor (MPA) bolt, an improved inflat- able bolt with a corrosion-resistant coating, and a pumpable res- in injection system, J-Lok P. The resin injection system not only keeps the operators out of harm's way, it opens the gateway for automated bolting process- es, which will improve productivity. The gold-hosting geology in Nevada also contains a salt that creates a corrosive environment that is hostile toward iron. Traditional rock-bolting methods were not working. Jennmar assigned its engineers to the problem and they developed a new corrosion-resistant coating that will allow the miners to continue to use inflatable systems. Developing the Pumpable Resin System "Over the years, many engineers have attempted to develop a pumpable resin system, but none of them succeeded un- til now," said Dr. John Stankus, president, Keystone Mining Jennmar Develops Rock Bolting Solutions Solving the pumpable resin riddle, a new automated resin system should improve safety for hard-rock miners working in difficult geology By Steve Fiscor, Editor-in-Chief Jennmar's J-Lok P system, seen here in an underground gold mine in Canada, can be used to inject resin into Multiple Point Anchor (MPA) bolts in deep mines with squeezing ground conditions.

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