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H&L 2017 PREVIEW 52 E&MJ • APRIL 2017 use at two major mine sites (with more than 3,000 employees) in South Africa for the past few years. As comprehensive systems in a progressive safety culture, these systems have demonstrated the val- ue of predictive analytics in reducing risk in everyday occupational settings. This presentation will show the how high-tech and low-tech practices can be combined in a 3-Step Program to make workers aware of their own fatigue and impairment levels (Prediction and De- tection), providing supervisors and em- ployees with proactive countermeasures that can be self-managed or brought into focus for intervention (mitigation), reduc- ing the number and costs of accidents. The outcome demonstrates that fatigue and alertness management correlates with improved safety performance to mitigate a broad range of risky human behaviors that often go undetected until accidents occur. Loading Techniques The closing session will open with a new take on the old debate of: Hydraulic Ex- cavator vs. Rope Shovel Performance. An analysis of dig performance for a hydrau- lic excavator versus an electric rope shov- el of similar size class was performed in terms of the energy required to excavate a unit quantity of the same material from a mining face. The outcome of the analysis was that the energy-per-unit excavation quantity of rope shovels and hydraulic excavators are in fact identical. This is, for the most part, a material property. For any given material, the amount of energy to excavate a unit quantity, regardless of the excavating tool, is constant. The results indicated higher produc- tion rates by excavator of similar capacity and age. In general, electric rope shovels, with higher initial purchase cost, exhibit- ed lower service cost per m 3 capacity, be- coming overall more cost effective within five years (~30,000 hours) of operation over the hydraulic excavator counterpart of similar capacity. In an industry that continues to stress the importance of efficiency, LED lighting is opening up a whole new world of options. In his presentation, The Use of Lighting Technology on Mobile Equipment, Tom Feldhusen, senior sales manager, phoenix Lighting, will explain how mine operators are able to use their resources like never before while gaining productivity and cost benefits from technology. LEDs offer numerous benefits to the operation needs of the surface mining in- dustry. They are more durable than tradi- tional lighting. This continues to be proven by fixtures installed in the field, especially on more demanding equipment. They also dramatically decrease energy expenses and virtually eliminate maintenance. Posi- tive operator feedback regarding LED light quality continues to pour in throughout the industry. At the same time, remote camer- as thrive under the vibrant white light. The qualities of LED are especially ide- al for mobile equipment and the sporadic lighting needs associated with it. Tradi- tional technology is either susceptible to vibration and/or requires up to 20 minutes of warm-up time following a restrike. This is lost productivity and a source of frustra- tion for many mine operators. LED tech- nology, however, is instant-on and requires no warm-up time for the lights to reach IT MEANS: We'll help you understand if your screen is performing at top efficiency with a comprehensive Screen Performance Evaluation. We'll provide a screen media solution that's the right fit for your needs with our guarantee that it will be more cost-effective than your existing screen media and provide equal or better efficiency. Our entire company will work to support you. From Applications and Sales to Injection Molding to Inventory and Shipping, customers are the top priority. You'll get your order when you need it, with the best lead times in the industry. SO, ISN'T IT TIME YOU SWITCHED TO POLYDECK? Call us at 1-864-579-4594 or visit to find the Polydeck Regional Manager in your area.

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