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52 E&MJ • MAY 2017 EQUIPMENT GALLERY improved for fi eld applications involving trace elements. Control Size Fractions ALLU announced the ALLU TS drum assembly, which allows users to repo- sition the standard screening blades. Manufactured for the ALLU D-Series material processor bucket frames, the TS technology features screening blades that spin between the screening combs. The end product size is defi ned by the space between the combs, and different fragment sizes are achieved by reposition- ing the combs. The TS drums are available with two different blade types: standard blades for screening applications and axe blades for crushing or shredding. Blade sizes avail- able include 0.63/1.26 in., 0.98/1.97 in., and 1.38 in. The TS assembly is available in seven different models for 17.6- to 49.6-mt excavators and 7.7- to 33-mt wheel loaders. The machine works well, without clogging, in wet and dry ma- terials, the company reported. Pneumatic Wiper Blade Tensioner Martin Engineering unveiled an automat- ed pneumatic tensioning system for belt cleaners. The system delivers precise monitoring and tensioning throughout all stages of blade life. It reportedly reduces the labor typically required to maintain optimum blade pressure and extends the service life of both the belt and the clean- er. Equipped with sensors to confi rm that the belt is loaded and running, the sys- tem automatically backs the blade away during stoppages or when the conveyor is running empty. This minimizes unneces- sary wear to both the belt and cleaner. Ceramic Lagging Sheds Dirt ASGCO added Semi-Ceramic Pulley Lag- ging, featuring 40% coverage, to their pulley lagging product line. Ceramic tiles are embedded in rubber on all sides and separated by a horizontal groove for shed- ding water and dirt. The pre-chemical backing provides an exceptional bond for rubber-to-metal applications. The lagging provides the solution when conventional rubber lagging fails to correct belt slip- page and wears prematurely, the compa- ny reported. It is supplied in 15-in.-wide by 32.81-ft rolls. High-Speed Camera Fastec Imaging unveiled the TS5 hand- held high-speed camera for recording mining and blasting operations. Using slow motion replay, a user can analyze and troubleshoot events otherwise missed by normal-speed video. High-speed imaging is used to determine the effects of blasts or the actual fi ring times of blast holes and the nature of the rock movement. The battery-operated camera features a large LCD touchscreen and an intuitive on-screen menu system. Four models are available, offering video from 2560- by-2080 at 230 frames per second (fps) to 800-by-600 at 1,650 fps. All models record over 3200 fps at Video Graphics Array resolution and more than 29,000 fps at smaller resolutions. The TS5 can be operated independently or controlled by a PC, Mac or handheld. Compact Engine Fans Horton Holding Company announced High-Effi ciency Hybrid Flow (HEHF) compact fans, featuring axial-, mixed- and radial-fl ow technology. Designed to engage more of the radiator core through direct and focused airfl ow, the fans move air more effectively around an engine and through the under-hood compartment, the company reported. For the same airfl ow of an axial fan, the HEHF fan reportedly draws less pow- er, improving effi ciency. The hybrid-fl ow design and integrated shroud improves airfl ow by more than 20%, while sig- nifi cantly reducing fan noise by up to 5 decibels. The fan line is available in the 550- and 750-mm diameter range. Tracking Tag Gets Approval Strata Worldwide reported the StrataCon- nect Tracking Tag, enabling location-track- ing for personnel and equipment, has received permissible approval from the Mine Safety and Health Administration. The battery-powered units attach to hardhats or can be mounted in protective casings onto mobile machinery. Location data is automatically transmitted at pre- set intervals to the surface and displayed on the StrataConnect graphical user in- terface. Screen views can be inclusive of all personnel or equipment under- ground or can be limited to individual workers or machines. Balkrishna Industries Ltd. (BKT) is a leading manufacturer in the global off-highway tire market based in India. BKT specializes in tires designed for vehicles in segments such as agricultural, industrial, earthmoving, mining, ATV and gardening. BKT's innovative solutions include more than 2,400 different products that are sold in over 130 countries. BKT USA Inc. 2660 West Market St. Suite 100 Fairlawn (Akron) OH 44333, USA Tel: (+1) 330 836 1090 Fax: (+1) 330 836 1091

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