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60 E&MJ • JANAURY 2018 EQUIPMENT GALLERY with 290° reach saves working time and minimizes the need to reposition the rig, the company reported. Despite the rig's ability to rotate, its counterweight structure ensures stability by maintaining weight op- posite the boom. Ranger DXi rigs are ex- tremely mobile due to a low center of grav- ity and high tramming power, the company reported. Features include a 290° revolving upper structure, a quiet cabin, 21 kW to 27 kW of power, and Sandvik GT 60 tools. Benefi ts include higher productivity with straighter 92-mm to 127-mm holes and the ability to tackle diffi cult rock with the iTorque control system, Sandvik reported. Military Grade Jumper Cables Mississippi Industries for the Blind (MIB) released its heavy-duty military-grade booster cables. Developed by MIB for the U.S. Military since 1984, MIB's MIL-SPEC booster cables combine 1-gauge stranded copper welding-type cable with solid copper clamps for enhanced electrical conductivity and an effi cient jump start. These cables are signifi cantly thicker than standard 6-gauge jumper cables, and each clamp and cable has a 600-amp minimum current rating. For enhanced electrical conductivity, MIB also constructs each clamp from a solid copper sheet. The clamp jaws are ser- rated, and the clamps are assembled with a heavy-duty, high-tension spring to ensure a good connection to the battery terminal. The clamps are tested to hold 500 lb. To optimize use of booster cables on road or at job sites, the oil- and abra- sion-resistant cables maintain fl exibility in temperatures between -94° to +198°F. They are available in up to 25-ft lengths. Precise Remote Drive Control for Pumps Siemens released Firmware version 4.8, which, the company reported, allows Simotics synchronous reluctance motors to be operated with Sinamics S120 con- verters, enabling them to benefi t from the complex functionalities of the mod- ular S120 product portfolio. The new Sinamics reluctance control license used in combination with the Sinamics Book- size Modules means that precise drive control down to a complete standstill is now possible with and without a position sensor, Siemens reported. This applies for motor and generator operation. The new solution is particularly suited for applications calling for a high level of accuracy, such as servo pumps requiring precise operation right from standstill under high load. Light, Customizable Fan Increases Airfl ow Horton announced the HM1400 Modular Molded-Blade Fan. Engineered for a va- riety of on- and off-highway applications such as compressors, generator sets and fracking units, the fan offers the benefi ts of the HTEC fan family, including increased airfl ow and effi ciency, at a reduced weight and size compared to a standard Horton molded blade, the company reported. Crafted from nylon, the midrange-diam- eter fan is designed for a variety of appli- cations and is compatible with Horton and competitive fan drives. Additionally, the product can be customized to specifi c appli- cation requirements, including straight and tapered bores, and is available in a variety of blade counts and center-disk diameters. The fan is modular and can be proto- typed quickly, allowing customers to test a variety of blade counts and features. It should be available next spring, with cus- tom prototypes available prior to launch. Website Matches Crushing Attachment to Machine Allu announced its Product Selector, which facilitates the process of determining which Allu Transformer is right for which machine. The Transformer is a hydraulic attachment that enables on-site crushing. It can be at- tached to a wheel loader, excavator, skid steer or similar equipment. The Transform- er screens, crushes, pulverizes, aerates, blends, mixes, separates, feeds and loads materials. The end result is operations that are more productive, profi table and environ- mentally friendly, the company reported. When pairing the solution to a piece of equipment, parameters to consider include the size of the excavator/loading shovel, ton- nage to be dealt with, required product size and the end use of the transformed materi- al. The new Product Selector is a portal on the ALLU website that enables customers to match their base machine to the material they wish to process. When combined with the area of work, this will match the spe- cifi c application to the most suitable ALLU Transformer, the company reported.

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