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JUL 2018

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To learn more about our AutoMine® and OptiMine® products, visit ROCKTECHNOLOGY.SANDVIK/GROUNDBREAKINGAUTOMATION or email us at GROUNDBREAKING AUTOMATION – LITERALLY REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR DRILLING OPERATION WHAT LEVEL OF AUTOMATION IS RIGHT FOR YOU? What do you get when you combine 150 years of innovation with unparalleled success in underground mining and a passionate commitment to innovating for the future? A suite of scalable automation products that can completely transform your drilling operation. Our AutoMine® solution works in concert with our analytics and process optimization platform, OptiMine®, to improve the overall quality and efficiency of your mining operation through predictive insights and real-time analytics. Automated Functions: Achieve consistent and reliable results with features such as auto level, auto drill, and auto pipe handling. Tele-Remote Operation: Operator controls equipment at a remote location with the use of cameras, sensors, software and vehicle telemetry. Fully Autonomous: Equipment is controlled via programmed machine operations and only requires human intervention to handle exceptions.

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