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COLLISION AVOIDANCE 40 E&MJ • JULY 2018 need access points or central servers to transmit alerts, which further enables fast transmission," Dunsch said. That's criti- cal because "CAS broadcasts updates ev- ery 100 milliseconds, so receivers never have to work from stale data." Via the DSRC platform, CAS can sup- port vehicle-to-infrastructure communi- cations while ensuring a high degree of security and privacy, Dunsch said. These capabilities contribute to the system's abili- ty to transmit "time-sensitive, critical alerts regarding potential collisions in real time." CAS transmits geospatial reference data via antenna. A light vehicle typically is equipped with one. "Modular employs a dual-DSRC-antenna configuration on haul trucks to prevent radio shadows, an area behind a large object in which no radio signals can be received," Dunsch said. Each provides "360° detection around each vehicle, requires no communication infrastructure, and establishes communi- cations immediately," Dunsch said. "The antennas are ruggedly built to withstand extreme conditions, providing high reli- ability in such harsh mining environments as rain, fog, snow, dust and mud." The antennae transmit information directly to other vehicles and equipped infrastructure within a 150-m to 400-m range. That information includes data captured by Modular's Global Navigation Satellite System, which tells CAS each vehicle's location, speed and trajectory, Dunsch said. "The host vehicle transmits this information directly to remote vehi- cles around it via DSRC, helping each vehicle determine potential collision haz- ards," he said. "If the system in any ve- hicle determines a high probability for a collision risk with any other vehicle, it will notify the operators, giving them enough time to make corrective actions and pre- vent the potential collision." CAS alerts appear on "a mobile dis- play mounted in the cab of each vehicle," Dunsch reported. "The display alerts op- erators graphically as notification-level alerts, or graphically and audibly as warn- ing-level alerts, depending on the current risk of collision." The system uses "intelligent path pre- diction algorithms to help filter out false alarms," Dunsch said. "When an opera- Experience Innovation 855.982.2919 THOMPSONPUMP.COM We set the standard. Thompson Pump is respected worldwide for high quality, high performance dewatering and mining pumps. Since 1970, we've helped clients around the world with pump rentals, sales, service, repair, design, installation and the operational support to get the job done every time. DSRC facilitates the near-instant vehicle-to-vehicle communications necessary for Modular's Collision Awareness System. (Photo: Modular Mining Systems)

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