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SURFACE DRILLING 54 E&MJ • JULY 2018 ed wear and gage rounding due to lack of penetration. To quickly improve performance, a traditional and more conservative design process was employed using components already in the plant. The resulting bit was delivered to the mine site in less than a month. A modest ROP gain was achieved in the field and predicted by post-design analysis with simulations. Parallel to this process, more aggres- sive iterations were also being explored. While still at the mine, the engineer used RC Pro and AMP to design and compare the relative performance of sev- eral more iterations. The process quickly led to changes to improve cone area bal- ance and contact area. Interstitial insert orientation was modified, and tougher inserts were designed before the bit was ever manufactured. Figure 4—Drilling simulation images show balancing of the blue-shaded load distribution between cone and inserts, with the improved design on the right.

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