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66 E&MJ • JULY 2018 PROCESSING SOLUTIONS competitiveness and operating revenue. A holistic approach to continuous improve- ment of underlying business processes must include consideration of the inter- action between the available business re- sources as well as all employees involved in a project and the latest technology. The Process Industries Academy will provide training using practical examples to illustrate signifi cant elements of digi- talization for more effi cient planning and development as well as the successful op- eration of plants. Participants, according to the sponsors, will experience how the development of a clear digital strategy improves collaboration, communication, and coordination between the individual project teams and generates an ideal en- vironment for optimizing the generation of information and digital workfl ows. "The Process Industries Academy of- fers industry experts an ideal setting to exchange their experience on improving business processes from both a practical and technically innovative perspective," said Alan Lamont, vice president of Dig- ital Advancement Academies at Bentley. "This allows teams to receive targeted training and to gain the knowledge re- quired to be more productive and there- fore to achieve the best results. "As part of the training, participants will gain a better understanding of their role and function within plant engineer- ing and operation. Real-life examples of 'going digital' will demonstrate the most important elements of a digital approach for effi cient and economical operation of plants in the process industry and show how this can drive forward investment projects and the business of lending." Easier Upgrades Other recent solutions are aimed at making it easier to upgrade and expand sensing and control capabilities to make digitalization an easier venture. For in- stance, Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) announced ControlEdge Transition, a tool designed to ease migration from obsolete, risk-prone PLCs to Honeywell ControlEdge PLCs. Honeywell said if the problem is not addressed, outdated PLCs can lead to increased cybersecurity risk or even trig- ger unplanned site shutdowns. Through a fast, automated conversion process, ControlEdge Transition supports upgrades to ControlEdge PLCs, which can be inte- grated into a SCADA or DCS system. Also, the speed and effi ciency of the conver- sion procedure saves systems integrators and project engineers time, cost and risk compared to a manual migration effort. "Industrial sites around the world are challenged by aging infrastructure and equipment that are not being maintained properly, or which are simply no longer supported, with outdated PLCs proving particularly troublesome," said Andrew D'Amelio, general manager and vice pres- ident of HPS' Process Measurement and Control business. "ControlEdge Transition makes migrating to up-to-date, cyberse- cure PLCs easy and fast." ControlEdge Transition can be de- ployed over mobile devices to survey and document the number of obsolete PLCs at a site while capturing relevant data that can be used for accurate upgrade plan- ning. The tool's bidding and engineering reporting capabilities can simplify the development of proposals and reduce engineering effort by 50%, according to Honeywell. In addition, pre- and post-mi- gration reports provide extensive support for design, installation and commission- ing of new PLCs. Meanwhile, ABB is now marketing its Ability Smart Sensor for motors, which uses compact sensors to pick up multi- ple data from low-voltage (LV) motors and provides information about motor health and performance via a smartphone or a dedicated web portal. ABB said this remote-condition monitoring solution, introduced in Europe and the U.S. last year, is a "pioneering innovation" for uptime optimization, predictive mainte- nance regimens and effi ciency improve- ments for LV motors. Otto Preiss, managing director of ABB's Motors and Generators business unit, said Ability Smart Sensor enables plant operators to do effective mainte- nance planning for their motors, assess the effi ciency of their operation and pre- vent costly downtime. By converting reg- ular LV motors into intelligent, connected machines, the solution enables advanced maintenance planning. According to ABB, predictive analytics based on data from the solution can reduce downtime by up to 70%, extend motor lifetime by as much as 30%, and cut energy consump- tion by up to 10%. The sensors in the fi rst release will be CE certifi ed and compatible with safe- area induction motors for direct online S1 duty, ABB IEC sizes 160-450 and ABB NEMA sizes 140-449. Quick in- stallation of the sensor module is made easy as no additional wiring is required. Initial monitoring functionality will cover bearing health, vibration, surface tem- perature, speed, supply frequency and number of starts. Later releases will ex- pand the range of functionality by means of a fi rmware update. ControlEdge Transition is a tool developed by Honeywell Process Solutions to facilitate migration from older plant PLCs to latest-generation versions.

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