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LOADING TECHNIQUES AUGUST 2018 • E&MJ 47 for such factors as safety, bench design, truck spotting, truck and shovel size, envi- ronmental factors, operator skill level, and single- or double-sided loading. Modular Mining Systems has recently developed an operator assist technology, called Guided Spotting, that has the po- tential to significantly improve both shovel and truck productivity in open-pit mines by improving visibility and efficiently guiding haul truck drivers, while reversing their truck toward the shovel loading position, without guidance from the shovel operator. The Guided Spotting system was built on the success of Modular's ProVision ma- chine guidance solution for excavators, released nearly 20 years ago, and utilizes the ProVision solution's same advanced guidance technologies and high-precision GNSS positioning to assist truck operators in efficiently spotting at load and dump lo- cations. The Guided Spotting technology has undergone extensive field trials at a large open-pit copper mine in Utah and will be released later this year. The technology has already demonstrated the viability to: • Increase shovel productivity by 4% to 35% (9% average); • Contribute two to eight additional loads per hour; • Reduce swing time by up to 15% (based on a 75° swing angle); • Reduce total haul truck cycle by 1%-2% (based on a 25-minute return cycle); and • Achieve additional gains by optimizing spot location and eliminating re-spotting. The Guided Spotting system is rugge- dized for reliability in challenging mining environments, including inclement weather, poor lighting, deep pits, and congested ar- eas. The system is designed to improve both shovel productivity and operator awareness, utilizing visual displays to leverage exist- ing practices. By mounting these displays on or near mirrors, the system encourages continued mirror use rather than seeking to replace the existing practice with technolo- gy. Simple operator feedback mechanisms provide clear, intuitive guidance for opera- tors using the Guided Spotting technology, which does not require specific center of vision focus, as a backup camera would. "Without operator-assist technology, mine operators were increasingly forced to err on the side of safety, which often comes at the price of productivity," said Michael Lewis, vice president of product innovation at Modular. "Guided spotting facilitates the efficient and safe spotting of trucks, and will enable mines to reclaim their lost pro- ductivity without compromising safety." Modular's Guided Spotting technology has already demonstrated the potential to increase productivity by facilitating dou- ble-sided loading, reducing the occur- rence of truck repositioning, increasing operators' situational awareness, opti- mizing swing angle, and reducing shovel hang time. But in the near future, mine sites will also be able to use the Guided Spotting technology to optimize crush- er dumping, dozer-assist truck spotting, paddock dumping, pantograph guidance, and lane-keeping guidance. Greg Lanz is vice president for business development with Modular Mining. At GIW our commitment to service is more than a promise, it's a resource you can count on to keep your equipment running. We offer service and repair support that extends the life of your rotating equipment—even if it's from another manufacturer. Count on GIW to provide personal assistance when and where you need it—either on the job site or at one of our service centers. Discover what your business can do when dedicated support revolves around you. Service and Repair That Revolve Around You GIW Industries, Inc. (A KSB Company) ·

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