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BLASTHOLE DRILLS SEPTEMBER 2018 • E&MJ 35 To that end, the rig's "control system is networked into embedded sensors, proximity switches, and encoders," Col- lins said. The "increased level of sensor integration" complements the "optimized hydraulic and cooling systems to increase efficiency," he said. Of those "core functions," the op- timized hydraulics system, with point- of-use placement, provides "hydraulics to the prime functions," Collins said. That, with closed-loop control, increas- es responsiveness and reduces vibration, he said. Also contributing to drilling efficien- cy are a "couple new concepts like the boxer-style mast with the new rack-and- pinion design, and the auto-bit changing system," Collins said. Those component design innovations improve penetration rate, he said. The rig offers almost 68,000 foot-pounds of pulldown force, Komatsu reported. "This system delivers constant load and users will not experience any potential chain slip or require any cable tension- ing," he said. The auto-bit changing system, one of the many drill automation upgrades offered, complements others, such as "the quickest leveling system available, with improved accuracy in-hole straight- ness and maneuverability improvements with 360° counter-rotation," Collins said. "Our adjustable breakout wrench handles hard banding and tricky pipe cross-threading." Automatic modulation of compressor flow "helps with challeng- Above, the P&H 77XR was developed to be more versatile and yet easier to operate and maintain than the predecessor 77XD. (Photo: Komatsu)

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