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NARROW VEIN MINING SEPTEMBER 2018 • E&MJ 43 AMC also identi fi ed the optimal fleet of stope mining equipment for dilution minimization. This requires the purchase of small, low-pro fi le equipment and re- duced development sizes. Optimized Stope and Drive Dilution AMC completed a comprehensive analy- sis to determine the minimized dilution for both LHOS and CAF using the formu- lae discussed. All of the selected vein widths, dips, drift profiles, and drift sizes were examined to minimize dilution and maximize recovery. The drift sizes consid- ered had to accommodate either existing or optimal equipment. In general, minimum dilution is achieved using the optimal equipment and smaller ore drives for the LHOS methods, or the lowest practicable drift heights for CAF. Minimum dilution for LHOS ranged from 66% (1.5 m stope width, 0.5 m vein width) to 9%. For a 5-m vein width, a minimum dilution of 9% is achievable in good ground with a 20-m sublevel interval and either a 5-m wide by 3-m high ore drive or a 5-m wide x 5-m high ore drive. In fair ground, the dilution projection increases to 10%. Key results for CAF method was 28% for a 1.5-m vein width and 11% for a 5-m vein width. AMC used the ideal stope and drive di- lution results for the basis to create drill- and-blast designs, which included slot raise, production rings and powder fac- tors (PFs) for LHOS. The drill-and-blast Contact: Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH Siemensstrasse 1-9 · 48488 Emsbueren/Germany · · +49 (5903) 707-0 Success needs Productivity Coal Mining Road Maintenance Utility Vehicles Scaling LHD Loaders Dump Trucks Access Technology ... since 1968 5 0 Narrow Vein Solution Figure 1.2—The lowest practicable drift heights for CAF yield the least amount of dilution.

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