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66 E&MJ • SEPTEMBER 2018 EQUIPMENT GALLERY Sandvik introduced the LH517i, an intel- ligent loader designed to meet customer expectations of safety, reliability, and ef- fi ciency and that offers lower operating costs and improved connectivity, the com- pany reported. The loader was developed with input submitted in 2015 by 240 Australian customers. Sandvik reported it was able to reduce the operating cost of the product through smarter placement of key service areas while considering the safety and comfort of the service team. The loader was designed to be paired with the Sandvik TH551i truck and fea- tures the latest Sandvik Intelligent Con- trol System and My Sandvik Digital Ser- vices Knowledge Box onboard hardware for remote monitoring. It is ready for automation, requiring only an Automine retrofi t, the company reported. The cabin was designed to be more spacious and er- gonomic with increased visibility. Low-capacity Reclaim Feeders for Any Mine FLSmidth announced the Buffalo range of low-capacity modular reclaim feeders are suitable for mines of any size. The series offers "different discharge heights and loading decks of various lengths to suit the required application." The feed- ers can be mounted on skids or wheels. The motor control center is on board and only the power supply needs to be isolat- ed prior to relocation. It is powered by electromechanical and hydraulic drives. Flow control is achieved through adjust- able hydraulics, variable speed drives and gearbox ratios. The feeders can be trans- ported in standardized containers. www.fl Rock Data for Blast Planning DataCloud showcased RHINO, a geosci- ences logging tool that uses sensors, seis- mic-while-drilling techniques, and artifi cial intelligence to measure rock properties in near real time. The solution enables min- ers to develop and optimize differential blasting plans that produce signifi cantly improved fragmentation profi les, driving greater productivity and profi tability, Data- Cloud reported. It can be installed in min- utes and runs on DataCloud's MinePortal platform. The sensors are deployed on drills and collect measurements at 1-cm increments in drilled blast holes. Once the rock information is processed on the plat- form, it is available for blast planning and export to browser, mobile device or API. New Version of Popular Mine Planning Software Maptek released Vulcan 11, the latest ver- sion of the mine planning and modeling software that dates back 37 years. The iter- ation introduces the Kriging Neighborhood Analysis tool for grade-estimation workfl ow and new functionality for the Vulcan Data Analyzer. It also introduces an automated panel-caving design process for creating 3-D CAD level production and sink-level mining designs. Mine planning updates focus on greater effi ciency in reserving and preparing data for scheduling, the compa- ny reported. Open Pit Solids and Mining Block Generation upgrades tighten the connectivity between mine planning and scheduling. Mining block generation em- ploys a simple, repeatable process, while Automation-ready Intelligent Loader

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