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68 E&MJ • SEPTEMBER 2018 EQUIPMENT GALLERY get the data from, or adjust the settings on, a meter that is either hard to reach or in a dangerous location using a handheld device or PC/PLC. The unit connects to the measuring instrument by cable and moni- tors measurement results and change set- tings in near real time. The unit doubles as a communication protocol converter, for example, changing a HART to a Modbus RTU signal, Rhosonics reported. The unit is available in three different versions. Non-toxic Road/ Soil Enhancer Momar Inc. introduced Resinator, a road and soil enhancer designed for use on unpaved roads in sensitive habitats. Ap- proved by the Penn State Center for Dirt and Gravel Road Studies, Resinator reduc- es airborne dust by more than 90%, the company reported. With a toxicity profi le similar to baking soda, it is non-toxic to aquatic life, contains no VOCs, phos- phates, APEs, carcinogens, mutagens or other harmful compounds. Momar delivers Resinator on-site, and supplies or recom- mends certifi ed, trained drivers to com- plete the application. Clamping Strips for Trefoil Clamping Beele Engineering announced new clamp- ing strips that secure three high-tension cables in a trefoil clamp, dubbed the RockRoller. The strips, made of Beele's NOFIRNO rubber, help bundle high-volt- age wires that will cross signifi cant dis- tances through drill holes or pipes, the company reported. The RockRoller is a metal clamp con- sisting of three sections that are triangu- lar and wheeled. Beele's rubber clamping strips, the hardness of which is matched to the application, secure the cables during pulling. The strips are placed in the clamp parts and push the cables to- gether so they are not damaged. The NO- FIRNO material is equipped with a spe- cial profi le that creates an optimum grip between the cable, clamping strip and clamp, the company reported. Synthetic Grease Reduces Torque, Nixes Costs ExxoMobil launched Mobil SHC Polyrex 102 EM synthetic grease, which, the com- pany reported, is proven to increase the mechanical effi ciency of electric motors. During proprietary-bearing energy-effi cien- cy rig tests that collected 2 million data points, the grease reduced torque by up to 40% compared with a mineral-based alternative, which results in an increased motor effi ciency of up to 0.24%, the com- pany reported. That can both lower energy costs and reduce the carbon footprint, the company reported. The grease is suitable for use in electric motors of any size and viable at up to 180°C. It is suited for fi ll- for-life applications, the company said. Greases for Mixed Friction Klüber Lubrication announced Klüberplex EM 91-151 & 91-152, heavy-duty greases that offer "excellent" wear protection, "es- pecially under boundary and mixed friction conditions," the company reported. The greases were formulated to adhere to metal surfaces and have resistance to water, sup- porting high-machine availability, reduced downtime and low maintenance costs. They have a strong resistance to contamination and corrosion, the company reported, and can be used for the lubrication of bolts, pins, guide bushes, chassis, components, joints, fasteners, leaf springs and sliding, and rolling bearings in mining machines. Gas Detector Released to NA Markets Dräger released the X-am 8000 multigas detector to the U.S. and Canada markets. It can simultaneously detect up to seven gases, including fl ammable gases, vapors and oxygen. The company described it as smaller, lighter, easy-to-read, rugged, intuitive and capable of being converted to an area-monitoring device. It can be switched between pump and diffusion mode to save energy. Upgraded Rechargeable Cap Light Mine & Process Service Inc. released the upgraded Lite 2 miner's light from Wisdom. The compact, self-contained light weighs 6 oz, offers one of the brightest beams avail- able for an MSHA-approved cap lamp, and is offered at a low cost, Mine & Process Service reported. The internal batteries re- place heavy, belt-mounted battery packs, and offer up to 18 hours of continuous use after only a 4-hour charge. The polycarbon- ate casing is designed for everyday mine use, and is water resistance to over 40 ft. See us at Expomina Stand B-134

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