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REGIONAL NEWS - U.S. & CANADA 10 E&MJ • OCTOBER 2018 Moss Gold Mine Achieves Commercial Production On September 1, Northern Vertex Mining Corp., the newest gold producer in the U.S., declared commercial production at the Moss Gold mine. Located in northwest Arizona, the Moss mine is an open-pit, heap-leach mine using excavators and ar- ticulated haulers to move ore to a crush- ing installation, which recently delivered a record rate of 13,000 metric tons per day (mt/d). The feasibility study envisioned 5,000 mt/d. With the improved produc- tion results, the company said it expects the mine to produce 36,000 ounces (oz) to 40,000 oz gold equivalent in fi scal year 2019 and 59,000 oz to 65,000 oz gold equivalent in fi scal year 2020. "Commercial production is a signifi cant milestone for our team of approximately 100 men and women operating the Moss Gold mine," said Ken Berry, president and CEO of Northern Vertex. "In less than two years, we were successful in obtaining fi - nancing, completing construction and achieving commercial rates of production." As a result of the exceptional perfor- mance of the crushing plant, the oper- ational team and the mining contractor N.A. Degerstrom, production is expect- ed to be signifi cantly higher, Berry ex- plained. Guidance for gold and silver production for the Moss mine for 2019 is now 32,000 oz to 36,000 oz gold and 224,000 oz to 248,000 oz silver. Centerra Provides Mount Milligan Water Update After signifi cant and collaborative discus- sions during the third quarter of 2018 among Centerra Gold, British Columbia regulators and First Nations, the regulatory plan for the Mount Milligan mine in north central British Columbia has been refi ned. This has resulted in earlier than anticipated approval of certain short-term water sourc- es. These approvals also allow the compa- ny to pump from groundwater wells within Mount Milligan's tailings storage facility (TSF) as well as from a single groundwater well outside of the TSF for the entire life- of-mine, and pump up to 15% of the base fl ow from Philip Lake 1 until November 15. An application to further extend the pump- ing from Philip Lake 1 for the winter period is currently under review as planned. The company is also preparing applica- tions for certain additional and extended water sources until 2020. These include access to groundwater wells outside the TSF for the entire life-of-mine as well as to Philip Lake 1 and Rainbow Creek at with- drawal rates that are protective of environ- ment. The company is still in discussions with regulators, First Nations and other affected stakeholders as to such approvals and expects that access to these sources may be granted as early as December. The company is also working on a long-term solution to its water needs at Mount Milligan. Formal applications and government review of the company's methodology is expected to commence later this month, and will be the subject of discussion with regulators, First Na- tions and other interested parties. The company's expectation is that its long- term water source will be available from and after 2020 for the entire life-of-mine. Centerra noted that the recently ap- proved water sources will provide lim- ited amounts of additional water in the near-term and this will assist with, but not meaningfully reduce, the water needs of the mine. During the third quarter to date, with the current availability of wa- ter, the mill at Mount Milligan has been operating both ball mill circuits. Silvertip Achieves Commercial Production Coeur Mining Inc. has announced commer- cial production, effective September 1, at its new high-grade Silvertip silver-zinc-lead mine located in northern British Columbia. "We completed the acquisition of Sil- vertip in October 2017 and commenced production in March after successfully commissioning the mill," said Mitchell J. Krebs, Coeur's president and chief executive offi cer. "Since then, our team has been fo- cused on optimizing plant performance and on upgrading the mine's infrastructure. We continue to be excited about the impact Sil- vertip is expected to have on our production, margins and cash fl ow beginning next year. Krebs said processing rates are on track to average 750 metric tons per day (mt/d) by year-end and reach 1,000 mt/d in early 2019. The company expects to receive ap- proval of the permit amendment appli- The Moss mine's new crushing installation reduces ore before it's placed on the leach pad. A wheel loader dumps ore into an articulated truck (inset).

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