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NORDIC TECHNOLOGY 2018 OCTOBER 2018 • E&MJ 37 nomics and productivity. One of our cus- tomers measures whole-body vibration and Jama makes one of the few machines that miners can operate for eight hours with- out exceeding whole-body vibration limits. We have developed an advanced vibration dampening mechanism for the scalers." "Based on the same chassis, we have also developed a shotcrete rig, the CSU 8000 and a secondary scaling unit, the RBU 8000, for Kiruna's sublevel caving operations. With an 11-m reach, the oper- ators can sit at a safe distance and work." The machine has a three-piece, extend- able boom with a rotation device and a 2-prong ripping tool. "Taking the modern, standard chassis at step further, we are making several dif- ferent machines today, such as different utility vehicles and charging units," Nor- berg said. These products are all placed on a standardized truck or dumper chassis. "We add the equipment to the chassis and deliver a fully tested, certified machine," Norberg said. "The machines have differ- ent stabilization systems, such as outrig- gers, depending on the application." Jama has also developed a rescue hoist- ing system. "You have to be extremely fit to climb a 300-m shaft," Norberg said. "Our mobile rescue hoist could be used to res- cue miners from smaller diameter ventila- tion shafts." The compact system can be carried around the site by a wheel loader. For both underground and surface ap- plications, Jama has developed drill rig for a wheel loader that can be used to drill and shoot boulders. More recently, Jama signed an agreement with Epiroc to sup- ply grouting machines. "This is a Craelius legacy project," Norberg said. "Epiroc se- lected Jama as a partner to build these units for them. Jama assembles, tests and delivers the units." Cross Reality Safety Training Innan AB specializes in risk awareness and cross reality (XR) safety education. The company's CEO Nicklas Karlsson was walk- Jama's RBU 8000 has an 11-m reach and an extendable boom with a rotation device and a two-pronged tool.

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