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NORDIC TECHNOLOGY 2018 OCTOBER 2018 • E&MJ 39 In late February, Inkonova demonstrat- ed the Batonomous system in Gällivare for Swedish iron ore miner LKAB. During the demo, untrained LKAB personnel com- manded the drone by waypoints around a warehouse. Six weeks later, LKAB pur- chased the Batonomous system to use at its Malmberget mine. Word has since spread, Inkonova re- ceived a purchase order for an under- ground aerial survey (flying scan) from Barrick's Golden Sunlight mine in Mon- tana in August. Extinguishing Engine Compartment Fires Outside the Kraft Center during Euro Mine Expo, a technician from Fogmaker Internal AB had a demonstration with a 2-m 3 box that represented the engine compartment on a piece of underground equipment. The demo was set up so that two nozzles were spraying diesel fuel into the compartment, which also had four nozzles in the top of the box that dis- charged the extinguishing agent. The technician ignites the fuel and a fire grows inside the compartment. The temperature continues to increase and, when it reaches 155°C, the fuel line bursts. A massive fireball erupts and the temperature quickly moves toward and passes 800°C. The agent is released and the fire is extinguished almost immediate- ly. The amount of fluid, which is 97% salt water and 3% foam additive, used in this demo is 2.5 deciliters. On a mine truck or LHD, it would amount to 15 liters to 19.5 liters of extinguishing agent. The Fogmaker system can eat up 700°C in 10 seconds. The Fogmaker system attacks the three components of the chain reaction that causes a fire: heat, oxygen and fuel. The company says cooling is the far-most important factor when breaking the chain reaction, and water is the best agent for that purpose. During the evaporation pro- cess, the water mist cools the burnt gases and hot parts in the engine compartment. One 7.5-liter Fogmaker extinguisher generates up to 12 m 3 of steam, caus- ing oxygen displacement, and supports the knockdown effect on the fire. A small amount of surfactant creates a coating, which isolates hot surfaces or fuel from oxygen. This prevents the fire from reigniting. The Fogmaker system extinguishes the fire immediately and cools the compartment in seconds.

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