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CORROSION 42 E&MJ • OCTOBER 2018 Scan for more information HEAVY-DUTY CONVEYOR PULLEYS Drum Pulleys Wing Pulleys Clean Flight ® Wing Pulleys Engineering Class Pulleys CEMA C, D, E IDLERS Troughing Idlers Equal & Unequal Impact Idlers Self-Aligning Impact Beds Galvanized Frames Offset Troughing Wide Base Idlers Transitional/Adjustable Idlers Channel Insets Flat Carriers Return Idlers V-Return Idlers Inverted V-Return Idlers Live Shaft patented several years ago by North Caroli- na, USA-based EonCoat LLC. SPI Performance Coating, a U.K. dis- tributor for EonCoat, recently reported that one of world's largest underground mines had used it successfully to extend the life of a troublesome process hopper that han- dles thousands of tons of iron ore material weekly. Natural salts contained within the material, combined with water condensa- tion, created perfect conditions for corro- sion of the hopper's steel components. Before the EonCoat application could begin, heavy deposits that had built up on the hopper walls had to be mechanically chipped away, followed by abrasive blast- ing, and then washing with potable water to remove blasting debris from the metal surface. According to SPI, the level of salt content in the area became highly appar- ent when the hopper's steel began to flash- rust minutes after the washing process. EonCoat CR was applied to the lower section of the steel hopper at a nominal thickness of 800 µm WFT in a single coat, applied over an eight-hour shift. The fol- lowing morning the entire area was pres- sure-washed to allow the applicators to determine if the process had been success- ful. EonCoat simply washes off if it doesn't fully react with the substrate, allowing the applicator to remedy any problems before returning equipment to service, according to SPI. Over the whole area, only three small patches needed reapplication. SPI reported that, upon inspection, passivation of the steel from formation of magnesium iron phosphate produced no pinholes, voids or delaminations in the fin- ished EonCoat application. This, said the company, is due to the reaction between the acid and base, creating a negative charge within EonCoat CR that physically pulls it into every surface imperfection. Approaching steel-corrosion problems from a different direction, Fluoramics, a supplier of engineered Polytetrafluo- roethylene (PTFE)-based corrosion solu- tions, announced it now offers a way for metal fabricators and welders to protect steel from corrosion without impairing their ability to weld it. Fluoramics said its HinderRUST S4.0 rust inhibitor recently passed extensive testing at the Welder Training and Testing Institute (WTTI) in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA, to assure welders that they can weld steel directly through this HinderRUST formulation. HinderRUST S4.0 is used in the metal fabrication industry to prevent corrosion of steel. Solvent-free S4.0 can be applied to steel parts or plates by brush, roller or aerosol spray can, and it will immediately displace moisture on the treated surface and protect the steel from rust for up to two years. Fluoramics said it was interested in determining if strong, secure welds can be made to steel treated with S4.0, and consequently had WTTI conduct a series of tests on A/SA516 Grade 60/70 steel of a uniform thickness of 0.375 in. The steel pieces treated with HinderRUST S4.0 passed all tests, including two transverse face bends, two transverse root bends, two tensile strength tests, and both visual and radiographic inspections. And, under its Master Builders brand, BASF offers MasterProtect 8020CI, a surface-applied corrosion inhibitor that the company said is designed to migrate through even the densest concrete struc- tures and form a layer on the steel rein- forcing bars. MasterProtect 8020CI also protects other metals including carbon steel, galvanized steel and aluminum. According to the company, MasterProtect

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