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RUSSIAN REPORT 60 E&MJ • OCTOBER 2018 Belaz. Based in Belarus, the company has the same rights as its Russian counterparts as long as Russia and Belarus are members of the Eurasia Economic Union. Among other, Belaz has recently signed a cooper- ation agreement with Moscow-based VIST Robotics to jointly introduce the intelligent mining systems at one of the open-pit sites in the Kemerovo region with the use of Belaz robotic dump trucks. Under the project Belaz will supply five dump trucks with load capacity of 130 mt. It was announced that the dump truck handling will be carried out in two ways: in a robotic mode without drivers on board, but with constant control of the machine from a remote control center, and in the autonomous mode, when ve- hicles are controlled by the operator from the remote control center only in emer- gency and special cases. "The dump trucks produced by our company are equipped with hundreds of sensors that generate terabytes of informa- tion per year in the real time mode, which allows us to track the quality of the ma- chine's operation anywhere in the world. The collected data, predictive analytics and machine learning technologies already in the nearest future will let us to provide our clients with completely new intelligent services," Petr Parkhomchik, general di- rector of Belaz, said at a press-conference following the signing of the deal in July. Belaz takes advantage from the im- port-replacement program in the Russian mining industry. In 2017 Belaz boosted its export to Russia by nearly 73.2%, as compared to 2016. The preliminary re- sults of 2018 showed that the company's sales on the Russian market increased by nearly 60% as compared to the same pe- riod of the previous year. In this regard, Russia remains the main sales market for Belaz with the share from 60% to 65% of its overall sales. Looking Beyond the Borders Russian equipment supplies believe that their new products, including those de- signed over the past two years with the state support could be in demand not only among the domestic customers, but also at the foreign market. The modern Russian companies are ancestors of the Soviet plants that were exporting their production all over the socialistic block. Today these companies target to return to the markets of some of these countries. "Uralmashplant starts operating in Uzbekistan for the second time in its his- tory. With Navoi Mining and Metallurgy Combinat and Almalyk Mining-Metallurgi- cal Complex we were making business in 1970s. In Soviet times we provided only these two companies with 200 machines, but the cooperation ceased after Pere- stroika. This year we will supply Navoi Combinat with two EGK-5A shovels. We are also currently designing new grinding units to promote them at the Uzbekistan market in the first place," said Mikhail Gunitsev, engineer of Uralmashplant. A strong progress with export supplies has been also recognized by IZ-Karteks. In particular, the company reported that the commissioning of EKG-10 shovels made by IZ-Karteks had taken place in India at Eastern Coalfields Ltd. (ECL) pits. The contract ECL was signed in January 2016 for production and supplying of six EKG- 10 shovels. Four EKG-10 shovels made by IZ-Karteks were commissioned at In- dian ECL pit and the installation of other shovels was slated to be finished before the end of the first quarter of 2018. IZ-Karteks also confirmed it was par- ticipating in several competitive bidding procedures for supplying of seven EKG- 10 shovels and SPTA on four operation years for Northern Coalfields Ltd. "At the moment, the important issue is getting out to the foreign markets with our products, where we had to compete with the foreign suppliers. Our Western compet- itors have strong positions at the most mar- kets since due to better business economy they are able to offer better financial con- ditions on funding the deals even despite the fact that the price of their products are usually higher, as compared to the Russian ones. However, we were able to change that situation in the past years with the sup- port of Gazprombank. In this way, we have strengthened our positions in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and India," saidd Alexander Okhotnikov, director of IZ-Karteks. Okhotnikov said Gazprombank, like other Russian state-owned banks, started offering participation to Russian supplies of mining equipment on foreign deals. The idea is that Russian banks provide soft loans to the companies purchasing equipment, like IZ-Karteks and Ural- mashplant. This is believed to be an im- portant direction in state support to Rus- sian manufacturers of mining equipment. That support so far is not available for Belaz, although the company still puts some effort in promoting its products out- side the Eurasia Economy Union. Not tak- ing into account sales in Russia, over the first six months of 2018, Belaz exported 240 machines to 26 countries. This year, the first supplies will be made to Mongo- lia, Bangladesh and Philippines. In early 2018, Belaz started selling equipment for crypto currency to for- eign customers in a bid to additionally promote its foreign sales. Although over the past few years, Belaz was putting a lot of efforts to promote its products in Asia. In 2017, it achieved the most no- ticeable progress in Africa, Parkhomchik said. Some big contracts were signed in Angola, Zimbabwe, Morocco, with even more important deals down the pipeline. Belaz has the same rights in Russia as the Russian companies.

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