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HOISTING SYSTEMS 66 E&MJ • OCTOBER 2018 dustry," he said. "We are proud to play our small part in this project." Ensuring World Class Ops In 1957, the year the BMR was invent- ed, two production friction hoist systems were delivered to two Canadian mines, Madsen Red Lake Gold's Austin shaft and Falconbridge Nickel's No. 9 shaft. The Austin shaft hoist, using 32-mm ropes, would operate two skips, each with a rated capacity of 8.2 mt. The No. 9 shaft, using 29-mm ropes, would op- erate one skip with a rated capacity of 7.7 mt. 2 At the time, that was state of the art and those were heavy loads. Fast forward to today, where perhaps the largest production friction hoist in the world, with a rated capacity of a whopping 60 mt, is being installed by Dayan Contract Mining (DCM) for the No. 2 Production Shaft at the Oyu Tolgoi copper mine in the Gobi Desert in Mon- golia. DCM is a joint venture comprised of Redpath Canada Ltd. and Mongolia's Hasu Megawatt. Oyu Tolgoi is operated by a joint venture that includes primarily Rio Tinto and the Mongolian government. In mid-January, Redpath announced the completion of Shaft No. 2 sinking operations. The shaft is 10 m in diam- eter and 1,284 m deep. It will be used for both skip and service hoisting and will support the South Hugo Dummett block cave mine. The shaft was sunk blind by a sur- face-nested, ground-mounted eight- boom jumbo drill. A three-stage sinking Galloway supported the equipment and personnel, and a conventional 15-ft-di- ameter double-drum hoist-operated 16- mt muck buckets. Digging up almost 135,000 m³, it was Redpath's "largest excavation by volume" and for it, DCM "employed approximately 200 Mongo- lians," who comprised 75% of the shaft sinking workforce, Redpath reported. From there, DCM "eagerly" began "the task of installing the largest friction hoist in the world," which will be completed by The Dayan Contract Mining team leveraged a three-stage Galloway during the sinking of the No. 2 shaft at Oyu Tolgoi. (Photo: The Redpath Group) 2 "ASEA Friction-Drive Hoists Delivered or Under Manufac- ture for Mines in the U.S. and Canada." (mid-June, 1957). The Engineering and Mining Journal, 158 (6a), 38, 39.

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