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HOISTING SYSTEMS 68 E&MJ • OCTOBER 2018 a workforce of 156, including 139 Mon- golian nationals, said Scott Hayne, vice president, Redpath Canada Ltd. Both the production hoist and its sibling service hoist are ABB technolo- gy, tower-mounted, and feature a nomi- nal drum groove diameter of 7.2 m and 6.75 m, repsectively. The production hoist features a rated motor output of 9.9 megawatts (MW), a rated speed of 46.3 rotations per min- ute (rpm), and is designed for a produc- tion rate of up to 30,000 mt/d. The service hoist features a rated motor output of 2.875 MW, a rated speed of 28.3 rpm, and a 24.3-m 2 ser- vice cage with a capacity of 300 men, for a possible conveyance output of up to 1,800 men per day, plus materials and equipment. Each remaining project milestone represents a significant amount of work. The equipment must first be moved from the yard to the headframe, hoisted up the headframe and then moved to the required levels. Next is the align- ment of the stator and bearing sole plates. The bearings, stators and hoist drums are then installed, followed by the alignment of sheave tools, the in- stallation of the sheaves, final align- ments and commissioning. The primary challenges arise from logistics and synching multiple teams, Redpath reported. Added to the mix is a young workforce hungry for expe- rience, which they are getting, Hayne said. For example, "this is the first time we've used a 70-mt flatbed transport- er," which incorporates multidirectional tramming functionality, he said. Secondary challenges were related to climate, geology and the remoteness of the site, Hayne said, citing seasonal swings from -40°C to 40°C. "This sum- mer we had record rain falls, which is highly unusual, bringing washed-out roads, strong winds and dust storms." To answer, DCM tapped lessons from Redpath's history, allowing it to "an- ticipate potential issues and provide solutions in a timely manner," Mor- gan Aspin, project manager, Redpath said. DCM developed "specialized work teams and internal task forces," worked "closely with suppliers," and honed plans to ensure the alignment of the efforts of the separate teams and stake- holders, he said. The result is a mine site that, de- spite its location, "is actually world class with world-class equipment," As- pin said. "It is an extremely safe proj- ect." That achievement he attributes to "teamwork from all parties working as a unit, rather than separate, towards a common goal." The goal of commissioning the hoist- ing plant will be symbolic of a possi- bly brighter future for the locals, Hayne said. History could one day reveal the increase in overall mine production, with the inclusion of Shaft No. 2, to be "Mongolia's economic turning point," a testament to emergent and spreading modernity that could one day "improve the quality of life of the people," and give "them the opportunity to grow at an international level." An 8-boom jumbo drill penetrates rock in the bottom of the developing No. 2 shaft at Oyu Tolgoi. (Photo: The Redpath Group) Agnico Gets ABB Hoists for Kittilä Agnico Eagle's Kittilä gold mine, in the far north of Finland, contracted ABB for a 2.5-megawatt (MW) friction hoist, a 1.2-MW single drum service hoist, and real-time hoist condition monitoring for a new shaft. The hoists and the shaft will enable the miner to "utilize the deeper parts of the deposit in an economically viable way," ABB reported. Leadership at the mine described ABB's solutions as indispensable. "The hoisting machine is a new critical factor in the mine production chain," said Seppo Voutilainen, project manager, Agnico Eagle, Finland Oy. The hoists will be the first deployed to the mine, which is undergoing a $186 million expansion project. The project will result in greater energy efficiency at the mine, which is eliminating truck- and off-road-vehicle-transport of ore and personnel, ABB reported. The processing capacity of the mine's concentrating plant will increase from 1.6 million to 2 million metric tons per year. The Kittilä mine is the largest gold mine in Europe. ABB has delivered more than 700 mine hoisting systems all over the world.

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