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OCTOBER 2018 • E&MJ 83 EQUIPMENT GALLERY The optional 5-planet wheel-ends al- low a 20% higher gross combined axle weight rating over the 4-planet version and feature integrated cooling technol- ogy to reduce axle operating tempera- tures. With CTIS confi guration, drivers can maintain and adjust tire pressure for enhanced performance in varying conditions. Recognized as a 2015 Top 20 Product by Heavy-Duty Trucking, the P600 tridem confi guration was also named one of OEM Off-Highway maga- zine's Top 10 New Products of 2017 — the only axle to receive this recognition, Meritor reported. Automation for Ventilation Epiroc launched fully automatic func- tionality for its Serpent ventilation sys- tem, which is designed to automatically optimize air quality, air fl ow and energy expenditure. The system's sensors reg- ularly measure carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide levels to determine air quality. It then automatically ad- justs fan speed to continuously ensure adequate air fl ow and a perfectly reg- ulated underground work environment. Serpent fan stations already in use, or other ventilation systems equipped with VFD, can be upgraded to include the new automatic functions. Serpent Au- tomatic is delivered as a central module that is mounted onto the base station, while the sensors are placed in the tun- nel or mine. Dust Testing Services Camfi l reported its dust-testing services could help manufacturers understand the characteristics of dusts produced during operation. Such services include particle size analysis to determine the fi ltrate effi ciency required; video mi- croscopy to identify dust shape and characteristics for use in the equipment selection process; pycnometry to identify the dust's true specifi c gravity; abrasion testing; and terminal velocity testing to determine air velocity required to lift the dust. Camfi l APC also announced it offers ASHRAE/ANSI Standard 199 testing to provide manufacturers with re- al-world comparison data on emissions, pressure drop, compressed air usage, en- ergy consumption and emission readings for Camfi l APC dust collectors used in specifi c applications. Separately, Camfi l reported its Hemi- Pleat premium retrofi t fi lter cartridges fi t most leading dust collector brands and are guaranteed to last longer than stan- dard fi lters. The fi lters are designed to expose more of the fi lter media to the air stream, which will boost the perfor- mance of industrial dust collectors. The series is available as the HemiPleast Green for standard applications; eXtreme to promote surface loading and the re- lease of ultrafi ne particles; Flame-retar- dant for spark-generating applications; Carbon-impregnated to dissipate static on applications like plastics or combus- tible dusts; and Synthetic for moist or abrasive applications. www.camfi Motor Monitoring, Early Detection Solutions Cummins reported it is offering its Da- ta-enabled Mining Solution (DEMS) plus Fleetguard Filtration Intelligence Technology (FleetguardFIT) gratis for 12 months on all new QSK50, QSK60 and QSK78 Tier 4 solutions operating in the U.S. and Canada. The intelligent sensing and advanced data analytics leveraged by the solutions allow Cummins experts to offer site-specifi c recommendations to optimize fi lter and oil service intervals. DEMS allows Cummins to monitor engine system performance and deliver accurate, real-time operating informa- tion, the company reported. DEMS can save customers as much as $110,000 per truck in unplanned downtime costs, the company reported. The early detec- tion logic leveraged by DEMS can pre- vent progressive damage expenses of that same amount per year. Fleetguard- FIT includes pressure sensors for fuel, lube and air fi lters, and a fl uid property sensor that monitors oil quality.

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