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SLOPE STABILITY 40 E&MJ • NOVEMBER 2018 Scan for more information HEAVY-DUTY CONVEYOR PULLEYS Drum Pulleys Wing Pulleys Clean Flight ® Wing Pulleys Engineering Class Pulleys CEMA C, D, E IDLERS Troughing Idlers Equal & Unequal Impact Idlers Self-Aligning Impact Beds Galvanized Frames Offset Troughing Wide Base Idlers Transitional/Adjustable Idlers Channel Insets Flat Carriers Return Idlers V-Return Idlers Inverted V-Return Idlers Live Shaft version, the PIV Daughter Card (PDC) offers a geophone pulse diagnostic test. The more powerful Advanced Diagnos- tics Board (ADB) introduces a wide range of additional features on the PIV, en- abling on-board processing and diagnos- tics capabilities. The ADB is designed to interface with both geophones and accelerometers. Lights on the front panel indicate channel performance. Advanced diagnostic tools include voltage measurement, sensor auto detect, programmable AC/DC cou- pling, auto detect-correct polarity, and geophone parameter extraction, among other features. Use of the ADB simplifies installation and provides real-time feed- back about the health status of the at- tached sensors. As part of its Hyperion Seismic Soft- ware (HSS) suite ESG offers SeisVis, a module that enables advanced 3D-vi- sualization and interpretation of site seismicity using event information and scaled-site geometries. Event locations, magnitudes, and site velocity profiles, among other parameters, can be viewed with respect to site geometry or models using a variety of display options. Seis- micity can be viewed for specific events or animated over an extended time period using a playback option. Recipe for Success: Define, Discuss, Debate In an industry that is as equipment-in- tensive as mining, and with a surging interest in collecting site-specific infor- mation from myriad equipment sources, it can be tempting for engineering staff to simply "let the data speak for itself," without critical examination of design or practice. This applies to geotechni- cal issues as well where, as we've seen, increasingly sophisticated technologies are making the task of interpreting slope stability data somewhat easier. Although it's likely that artificial intelligence and machine learning will become increas- ingly prevalent in this sector, there's still a major human element involved in data analysis and interpretation, with deci- The Paladin 5 is the latest, 32-bit version of ESG's digital microseismic recorder, and serves as the backbone of its microseismic data acquisition system.

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