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AUTONOMOUS HAULAGE SYSTEMS NOVEMBER 2018 • E&MJ 57 5-Deck Stack Sizer ® Multi-Deck Dry Sizer For more than 60 years, Derrick ® Corporation has been leading the industry in the design and manufacture of high-frequency vibratory screening machines and patented screen surfaces. With a pioneering spirit driving innovative solutions, the organization is continuously in VJGHQTGHTQPVCFXCPEKPIVJGƒGNFQHƒPGRCTVKENGUGRCTCVKQPVGEJPQNQI[ Known worldwide for their high-capacity and superior separation GHƒEKGPE[>TKEMRTQFWEVUCTGWUGFUWEEGUUHWNN[CTQWPFVJGYQTNF Its advanced technology allows processors to screen a wide variety of YGVQTFT[ƒPGOCVGTKCNUKPVJGTCPIGQHOOVQ̫O squarely focused on Komatsu trucks. "Our position on retrofitting other manufactur- er's trucks? It's too much of a risk. Look at the airlines, they both operate with GPS, radar and lasers, but Boeing won't retrofit its guidance system on the Airbus." "There are companies that are retrofit- ting systems to several makes and mod- els, but that's not true interoperability," Cook said. "True interoperability is being able to pass through industry protocols, which agree on how information is sent from central control to agnostic vehicles. Safety is a big concern here." The Dispatch system is working with roughly 130 autonomous trucks world- wide, Cook explained. "The mines using different makes of haul trucks do not run them together because of the difference in performance," Cook said. "At most of those mines, the Komatsu trucks run in one area and the others operate in anoth- er area. The mines are already segregat- ing the equipment." Several standards are being reviewed and Komatsu and Modular are part of that discussion. What Happened to That IAHV? The Innovative Autonomous Haulage Vehicle (IAHV) stole the show at MINExpo 2016 and many E&MJ readers are prob- ably wondering what happened with that machine. After the event, Komatsu shipped it from Las Vegas to its proving grounds in Tucson. Similar to the 830ACX, the IAHV has a 250-ton payload. It's powered by a 2,700-hp engine. Aside from being cab-less, one of the big differences is that it only has four tires compared to six on a traditional hauler. Another big difference is that the air filters and radiators are positioned on the side of the machine with easy access. It was designed as unidirectional, meaning no front or back end, although it can only dump one way. The idea was to reduce the spotting times. The IAHV was a concept machine and it had not been test- ed prior to its debut at MINExpo 2016. During the last two years, it has been enduring a battery of machine testing, au- tonomous system testing and collision avoidance testing, both independently and as a system. For the past two years, the IAHV has been enduring a battery of tests at the Komatsu proving grounds.

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