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FILTRATION & THICKENERS 60 E&MJ • NOVEMBER 2018 have operated continuously during batch production for almost 12 years. "Those original machines are still operating to- day," Rick McKay, sales manager, Peter- son Filters Corp., said. "A new scraper design was formulated for this operation and has been widely accepted." The original Pocket filters replaced two centrifuge machines and provided 5% lower cake moisture, Peterson Filters reported. Each machine is a tight row of vertical two-sided disc-shaped filters connected by pipes and housed within a shallow rectangular steel trough for a compact footprint, thus the moniker. There are six 4-ft 6-in. filters, each with a 25-ft 2 sur- face area, per machine, providing a total filter area of 150 ft 2 per machine. Slurry is piped in and the filters quiet- ly but quickly discharge a circular cake, which is captured by the trough. When the filters are covered with snow white silicate cakes, from the right angle the machine looks something like a loaf of white bread still in the pan with the slices spaced out equidistantly. Each machine can process 10 metric tons per hour (mt/h) of silicate mineral for a total production of 20 mt/h. The miner adopted the prototypes and then successor models due to their reliabil- ity, ease of maintenance, and cost savings potential, McKay said. Those benefits are the result of "a number of innovations," Peterson Filters reported. For example, the stainless steel-fitted plastic filter sectors offer improved durabil- ity and reflect the company's commitment to continuous improvement, McKay said. The sectors are mounted directly on the center shaft, simplifying the design With a compact footprint, the Pocket vacuum disc filter has six 4-ft filters with a total filter area of 150 ft². (Photo: Peterson Filters Corp.)

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