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FILTRATION & THICKENERS NOVEMBER 2018 • E&MJ 61 and eliminating the need for the compa- ny's Turn Flow bell seat, which on other models clears the cake without hindering airflow within the system. Instead, cake discharge is facilitated via a precision deflector, "which, along with Syncro Blow air pulse, assists with complete discharge of very thin filter cakes," the company reported, describing the innovation as a "major improvement." The benefits of the precision deflec- tor include a more reliable discharge and ease of adjustment. "The cake de- flector is designed such that the deflec- tors can be adjusted precisely, and the blade can be set at the same time as other pieces are adjusted," McKay said. "The new scraper utilizes a two-beam frame design that allows for independent adjustment. This independent adjust- ment is the most noticeable benefit, as it is much easier for maintenance as well as initial filter commissioning." Helping ensure a more reliable dis- charge, the Syncro Blow unit provides a "synchronized pulsed blow of air that is timed to aid in the complete discharge of the cake from the filter sector," McKay said. Adding durability, "the machines em- ploy a smaller version of the popular Pe- terson structural steel design centershaft, and employ all-mild-steel automatic filter valves," the company reported. Thus, the centershaft contributes to the overall "low cost" of the solution, McKay said. "Previ- ous designs utilized a series of cast iron 'barrels' that were more expensive and difficult to work with," he said. "A one- piece centershaft design is both lower in cost to make and maintain, and more re- liable and easier to work with in operation and during interval maintenance." The centershaft leverages "new long- life synthetic bearings that require very little lubrication maintenance," the com- pany reported. The synthetic bearing liners are more compliant and "fit better into position than do previous designs," McKay said. "The lower requisite lubrica- tion is helpful in extending life," he said. "In addition to bearing life extension, maintenance is benefited by the lower amount of required lubrication." The Pocket filters are ideal for por- table or temporary operations, "such as small pond reclamation projects in the coal" and other industries, as well as for pilot plants, Peterson Filters reported. The machines can be customized to suit "any application in any industry where a smaller filter is required," McKay said. Similarly, the machines can be scaled up, but within limits, he said. "All Peter- son filter designs are dependent on design parameters, customer specifications, plant characteristics, and other factors," McKay said. "Currently, our largest filter is 3.8 m. However, historically, we have not seen a need to increase the Pocket model in size, based on customer requirements." Further, some of the design modifications used in the Pocket filter would not be applicable or possible on larger machines, he said. Crafting purpose-built filtration solu- tions like the Pocket filter is one of the company's longtime core missions, he said. "Peterson Filters has been design- ing and providing vacuum filtration units since 1943," McKay said. "We pride our- selves on our expertise in filter technology, filter maintenance, and dedication to cus- tomer satisfaction. Every filter is designed and manufactured to customer specifica- tions and requirements." HYDRA X Tactical and Compact Safety Monitoring Radar IDS GeoRadar Srl Part of Hexagon Via Augusto Righi, 1-2 -56121 Ospedaletto, Pisa, Italy Tel: +39 050 89 34 100 )ZQFSTQBDJBMSFTPMVUJPOXJUIIJHIBDDVSBDZ 'PDVTNPOJUPSJOHVQUPNFUSFT TFDPOETGPSBGVMMSFTPMVUJPOTDBO 3FBMUJNFQSPDFTTJOHBOEPOTJUFBMFSUT Compact and Qortable Tolution )JHIBWBJMBCJMJUZXJUIMPXNBJOUFOBODFDPTUT

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