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ROCK BOLTING NOVEMBER 2018 • E&MJ 63 installed using either air- or hydraulically- driven rotary drills, which ensures a high installation rate with good directional sta- bility. Furthermore, the ground within the borehole is consolidated. As anyone who has worked with resin knows, ambient conditions affect its per- formance. So, the object was to create an active first pass support by tensioning the bolt with the shell that would contain the rock mass in tension. This way, the bolts could be grouted at a future date. Using DSI's pumpable resin system, the Borden mine was able to drive the portal quickly and safely. The exploration ramp had ad- vanced 680 m at the end of 2017 with a corresponding vertical depth of 120 m. DSI also participated in a training camp for the Borden mine. Installing the shells on the hollow-bar bolts, the company gave the operators involved in the project hands-on training about the performance and installation of the bolt. The company will continue to provide technical support as well as perform pull tests during start up and when required throughout the project. DSI said it will also perform in- stallation audits, showing procedures for different applications and providing any other support as needed. To ensure a direct supply of high-quality ground support product, DSI has founded a joint venture with Three Nations Drill- ing (a First Nations Company), who have a stake in the land on which the mine will be operating. Thanks to this joint venture, DSI Underground is now the only ground support supplier for the Borden mine. The proceeds of the joint venture are re- turned to the communities represented by Three Nations to help with social, educa- tional and health care development. Located near Belo Horizonte, Brazil, the Cuiabá Gold mine, which is owned by AngloGold Ashanti through its AGA Min- , has a history that dates back to 1740. Today the mine is operat- ing at depths never imagined back then. The Cuiabá mine was re-opened more than 30 years ago. Over time, it changed from cut-and-fill to sub-level stoping, increasing the production from narrow vein ore bodies from 15% to 40% of the mine's total production. To offset the rise in working tempera- tures at a depth of 1,100 m, a refriger- ation plant was commissioned to ser- vice the deeper areas of the mine. The sub-level stoping method was selected to mitigate geomechanical instability. DSI Underground Brazil has been work- years. They have supported the mine with training sessions and offered support in the application of the ground support products. More recently, DSI Under- ground supplied the mine with the prod- ucts and systems necessary for stabiliz- ing the drifts, such as 3-m long, 22-mm diameter rock bolts with 28- x 300-mm Fasloc resin cartridges. As the mine pur- sues gold in increasingly deeper layers, they are working with the mining compa- ny to test new products and technologies. DSI also recently supplied ground con- trol products to the El Roble mine near Velardeña in northern Mexico. Owned by Industrias Peñoles SAB de CV, El Roble is a polymetallic mine, producing silver, lead and zinc since 2008. Annually it ships 2 million tons to a refinery in Torre- on. To stabilize the drifts, DSI supplied 25- x 2,400-mm GRP Anchors. These anchors feature high tensile load-bearing capacity and the lightweight fiberglass system is easier to use in challenging conditions, according to DSI. The man- ufacturer also supplied 19- x 2,400-mm headed rebar rock bolts and 28- x 305- mm Fasloc resin cartridges to ensure that the anchors reach a high load-bearing ca- pacity immediately following installation. DSI continues to work with mine as far as training sessions and the use of specific products. Epiroc to Acquire New Concept Mining As this edition was going to press, Epi- roc announced that it had agreed to ac- quire Innovative Mining Products Pty Ltd, which is also widely known as New Con- cept Mining (NCM). The decision looks like a wise move for Epiroc. Based in Jo- hannesburg, South Africa, NCM has fa- cilities dedicated to roof support in Peru, The use of the DYWI Drill Hollow Bar Bolt (above) allowed development to proceed more quickly at the Borden mine in Ontario. A truck enters the portal at the El Roble mine in northern Mexico.

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