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76 E&MJ • NOVEMBER 2018 EQUIPMENT GALLERY starting of a job run to be initiated by the loader operator, the company reported. With the correct size frame, the CVS can run on any belt from 400 mm to 2,000 mm wide and can be cus- tom-mounted for larger belts, including deep belts. Metering Pumps Provide pH Control Wanner Engineering announced its Hydra-Cell Metering Solu- tions SM Series electronic solenoid metering pumps, which, it reported, provide pH control for mining applications. The pumps feature a simple hand-operated dial with stroke adjustment from 15 to 300 strokes per minute (min), the company reported. Max- imum discharge volumes range from 28 to 100 ml/min and max- imum discharge pressure ratings from 58 to 217 psi, depending on the model. The pumps feature a double-ball check valve to ensure metering accuracy and reduce the possibility of water hammer. An anti-siphon check valve prevents clogging at the in- jection point and aids in priming the pump. An optional integral relief valve releases abnormal pressure automatically if the pres- sure exceeds the pump's capability, protecting it from damage. A foot valve is designed to prevent backfl ow into chemical injection systems. The pumps are dust-proof, heat resistant, wash down capable, and are for indoor or outdoor use, the company reported. Detectors for Conveyors Field-proven Automation Products Inc. reported Dynatrol DJ Level Detectors are fi eld-proven as plugged chute detectors for most types of conveying. For applica- tions such as bulk solids fl akes, powders, pellets and heavy granular mate- rials, the detectors easily obtain accurate level mea- surements, the company reported. They contain no moving parts, gaskets or seals and rely on mechan- ical oscillations to determine if the probe is covered or uncov- ered. The units are factory calibrated with no fi eld calibration required, and approved for Class I, Group C & D; Class II, Groups E, F & G; and Class III services. Tire for Scrapers, Graders Offers Improved Traction Magna Tires Group introduced the MA02, which is designed for scrap- ers and graders. The tire is engineered and constructed with a unique non-di- rectional E3 rock tread pattern, which will considerably improve traction and performance, the company reported. The steel radial construction of the tire provides sturdy protective layers and allows for better load per- formance and greater operator comfort. Heat build-up inside the Magna MA02 Scraper is noticeably reduced by the purpose-built casing of the tire, the company reported. It is available in three different sizes (29.5R29, 33.25R29, 37.25R35) and offers a single maximum load of up to 23,600 kg. Rugged Sensors for Valves, Actuators, Arm Tensioners NewTek Sensor Solu- tions introduced the RV series of Rotary Variable Differential Transformers (RVDT). The series offer high- ly accurate angular displacement mea- surement of rotating elements such as quarter-turn ball and butterfl y valves, actuators, throttles and dancer arm tensioners used in machine-to-machine applications. With a shaft that rotates a full 360° with no stops and virtually no friction, these AC-operated rotary position sensors measure shaft angle posi- tion over a nominal range of ±30°, the company reported. A non-contacting design with few wear components gives the RV sensor a long operational life. In addition to offering good noise performance, the sensors are shock and vibration toler- ant. The units operate over a temperature range of -65°F to 220°F and exhibit a linearity error of less than 0.5% of full range, the company reported. Fast lead times and exceptional value on new slurry pumps for a wide variety of applications! (904)356-6840

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