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DECEMBER 2018 • E&MJ 101 PROCESSING SOLUTIONS allows an analysis of pulp fl ow through the unit. The company said its engineers can advise on how to optimize pulp fl ow through the trommel to improve both throughput and wear life of the screens. The trommel chassis can be custom made to suit specifi c requirements. The company said global sourcing plans are already in place and, in combination with the modular features incorporated in the new designs, that allows trommel chas- sis to be fabricated closer to customers' sites, providing faster delivery. "We are excited to deliver this inno- vative solution to the market because we believe it will be a key component for in- creased capacity for our customers. We recognized the customer's need for a sim- ple to use and dependable trommel solu- tion and we responded. These are suit- able to any mining operation across the globe and will deliver on our promise of sustainable productivity enhancement," said Brent Stokes, head of Wear Parts & Consumables, FLSmidth. Coatings Cater to Bearings' Special Needs Heavy industry demands stronger bear- ings that can withstand greater loads, faster speeds, higher temperatures and the constant threat of contamination. Bearings in critical equipment are of- ten pushed to the limits of reliable performance. The Timken Co. recently noted that even though it uses special heat-treating processes to produce highly durable bearings, some applications re- quire a superior degree of wear resistance and corrosion protection. Timken said it has more than 20 years applied surface engineering technologies to bearing rolling elements (balls and roll- ers) to limit component damage in harsh operating conditions where standard bear- ings tend to fall short of customer expec- tations for long, trouble-free life. When rolling elements with specifi c coatings and engineered surfaces are in- corporated into a bearing, the assembly may be described as a "wear-resistant bearing" by Timken. Decades of intensive research and development have resulted in a range of coating options that enhance the performance of bearings in mining and many other types of industrial equipment. Timken said it solves complex friction- management problems in a variety of ways, including fundamental innovations in tri- bology, lubrication, surface engineering and materials science. Understanding friction and wear at the atomic level helps Timken engineer custom coatings for bearing com- ponents that greatly improve the bearing's ability to resist corrosion and wear. The Timken coatings portfolio includes: PVD Coatings: Physical vapor deposi- tion (PVD) describes a vacuum-deposition method in which a solid is vaporized pro- ducing atoms or molecules that are trans- ported in a vacuum to be deposited on the object as a thin fi lm. These coatings typically provide the highest level of wear resistance and friction reduction. Timken has validated bearing-life improvements up to six times over the standard where PVD coatings are used in laboratory studies while in oil-out conditions. These bearings have been observed to last approximately 10 times longer than those with uncoated rollers. Timken said PVD is a rigorous coat- ing process that must be controlled within world-class production facilities and with stringent design and quality specifi cations. Electrodeposited Coatings: Electrode- posited coatings provide outstanding cor- rosion-resistance protection for a wide range of applications. This type of coat- ing is typically applied on bearings expe- riencing lighter loads and nonacidic solu- tions. The degree of corrosion protection depends on the type of coating and the application. Some coatings also increase bearing wear life because they harden the contact surfaces. Surface Conversions: Conversion coat- ings combine excellent wear and corrosion resistance with an ability to withstand false brinelling (fretting wear caused by oscilla- tions or vibrations). While not as durable as PVD coatings, they offer another way to improve bearing performance and tend Designed by FLSmidth with the aid of Finite Element Analysis techiques, the company's new trommels are said to offer superior service life coupled with maintenance features that enable quicker, easier service and media replacement.

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