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102 E&MJ • DECEMBER 2018 PROCESSING SOLUTIONS to cost less than premium options. Black oxide coatings, for instance, are processed in an alkaline bath to convert the bearing surface to an oxide layer. This helps retain lubricant on the steel surfaces and mini- mize wear in applications where bearing rollers are prone to slip or skid on the rings. Spray Coatings: Spray coatings such as powder coat and dielectric coat are main- ly applied to housed bearings, ancillary components and backing rings to resist corrosion. Dielectric coatings also inhib- it electric arcing by providing insulation where current passage through the bear- ing is a damage risk. The housed bearing units commonly found on conveyors and other material-handling applications are good candidates for spray coatings that can deliver excellent corrosion resistance. The company warned that coatings cannot improve the performance of bear- ings made of substandard steel or having poor dimensional control. An effective bearing solution starts with properly de- signed component geometry and met- allurgy for meeting clear application re- quirements, and it must be manufactured using appropriate methods and quality processes. Only then will advanced treat- ments on functional surfaces deliver the specifi c benefi ts a customer is looking for. Coatings, according to Timken, can deliver benefi ts anywhere load, speed and temperature requirements tax the capa- bilities of conventional bearings. For ex- ample, a customer will change from one type of lubricant to another and discover they've become susceptible to new sur- face wear as a result. Or a customer may want to run with a lower-viscosity lubri- cant to improve the energy effi ciency of their equipment, but this can damage the bearing. In such cases, a special coating can be a cost-effective solution. Ulti- mately, the goal for all customers is to ex- tend the life of the bearing and eliminate maintenance intervals. More advice for extending bearing life and reducing equipment downtime is available online at Outotec to Design a Copper Smelter in Indonesia Outotec has signed a contract for the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) of a new copper smelter to be located at Benete Bay in Sumbawa, Indonesia. The contract partner is PT Amman Mineral Industri, a subsidiary of copper and gold producer PT Amman Mineral Nusa Teng- gara. The contract, valued at approximate- ly €10 million, has been booked in Ou- totec's 2018 fourth-quarter order intake. Outotec's scope of engineering covers the design of the entire copper smelter. The engineering will be based on Outotec Flash Smelting and Flash Converting technology, and the facility includes an electrolytic re- fi nery, slag concentrator, precious metals refi nery, wet gas cleaning, and Lurec sulfu- ric acid plant as well as effl uent treatment plant and its associated infrastructure. Outotec's design work will take place in the next nine months and is a continu- ation of the feasibility study conducted in 2017. Once completed, the new smelter is planned to primarily process Indone- sian copper concentrate. ABB Updates Plant Power Control Software Library ABB has modifi ed its ABB Ability System 800xA Power Control Library (formerly MIDAS Library) software to include more options to communicate with and control electrical devices throughout the power infrastructure for mining and mineral pro- cessing operations. The digital solution now supports the PLC (Programmable Logical Controller) Connect functionality to extend power automation beyond IEC 61850 devices and infrastructure. Martin Knabenhans, head of product management for ABB's Process Indus- tries business unit, said, "With the addi- tion of PLC Connect support, this Power Control release also enables digitalization for substations that were built without 61850, making it possible to digitalize existing brownfi eld sites." The Power Control Library is part of the ABB Ability MineOptimize digital portfolio. It works with ABB Ability Sys- tem 800xA, which is a platform for moni- toring and controlling a wide range of au- tomated industrial processes. The library is based on the International Electrotech- nical Commission's (IEC) 61850 stan- dard, which creates a common language for automated substations and power dis- tribution systems so that technologically advanced mines around the world are able to take advantage of its capabilities. The updated version supports non-IEC 61850 substations through the PLC Con- nect functionality of System 800xA, to com- municate with and control a broader range of intelligent electronic devices (IEDs). The Power Control Library provides en- gineers that operate automated mines with the ability to rapidly troubleshoot electri- cal system issues through an enhanced substation control and monitoring envi- ronment in one control room. It allows a broader range of electrical and substation equipment to be monitored and managed remotely, so that potential issues can be resolved quickly and safely. This remote monitoring allows the plant team to solve problems safely, away from the electrical substation, thus reducing the time for elec- trical fault diagnosis and problem solving. ABB said that since its introduction in 2014, the Power Control Library has been implemented in more than 20 projects worldwide and has integrated more than 4,000 IEDs. ABB's Power Control Library software now offers a wider range of communication options for plant and mine electrical systems, allowing them to be monitored and managed remotely.

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