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106 E&MJ • DECEMBER 2018 EQUIPMENT GALLERY Epiroc launched its second generation of battery-operated machines at a customer event in Örebro, Sweden. It debuted 14- ton and 18-ton loaders, a 42-ton truck and a midsized drilling family, including face drilling, production drilling and rock reinforcement rigs. The battery-driven underground loaders, trucks and drill rigs launched will create benefi ts for miners, including improved health and safety, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and lower operating costs, the company said. "We at Epiroc want to help our custom- ers boost productivity, enhance safety and cut emissions, all while lowering the total cost of operation," Per Lindberg, president Epiroc, said. "Our second-generation bat- tery vehicles takes us toward a sustainable future with less dependency on fossil fuels." Customers using Epiroc's fi rst-genera- tion battery-driven machines, launched in 2016, include, for example, Brazilian min- ing company Nexa Resources, which is us- ing the Scooptram ST7 Battery in Peru, Epi- roc reported. Other customers going electric include LKAB, the state-owned Swedish mining company, which plans to use Epi- roc's zero-emission vehicles as it expands its mining operation in northern Sweden. Report: 2 Billion Tons Hauled Autonomously Komatsu America Corp. announced its FrontRunner Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) achieved the milestone of more than 2 billion tons of surface material moved autonomously. Accordingly, the AHS has offi cially hauled more than all other com- mercial mining autonomous haulage sys- tems combined, the company reported. The system broke the 1-billion-tons- hauled mark in 2016, and the 1.5-billion- tons-hauled mark in late 2017. The sys- tem is deployed to more than 130 trucks in operation to date, Komatsu reported. An additional 150 FrontRunner-leverag- ing trucks will deploy to the Canadian oil sands over the next seven years. The company announced it plans to enhance the AHS' mixed-operations func- tion to enable manned trucks of any make to interoperate with Komatsu AHS trucks in a blended operation. Ultra-class Truck Launches in 2Q Caterpillar announced the Cat 798 AC and the 796 AC will be available in the second quarter of 2019. The elec- tric-drive haulers deliver a 372-metric ton (mt) and a 326-mt payload, respectively. The latter will replace the Cat 795 AC in regions where engine emissions are highly regulated, Cat reported. The AC powertrain for each draws from the Cat 795 AC and Cat 794 AC, which have been operating successfully for roughly 5 million hours, Cat reported. The company is the single source for the entire powertrain. The drive is a high-voltage system (2,600 volts) that operates at lower cur- rent than most competitors' systems, the company reported. Both haulers feature the Cat C175- 16 diesel engine. It can be confi gured to meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 4 emissions regula- tions, and offers a choice of 2,610 kilo- watts (kW) (3,500 horsepower [hp]) or 2,312 kW (3,100 hp). Simple software changes can adjust system power to help meet production targets or to work smoothly in mixed fl eets, Cat reported. Caterpillar also reported its trucks le- veraging MineStar Command for hauling reached the 1-billion-mt hauled mark. The fi rst six commercial autonomous Cat trucks were deployed in 2013. Subse- quently, the fl eet grew to more than 150, with six mining companies operating Command for hauling in iron ore, copper and oil sands. A fl eet of 70 Cat auton- omous trucks in Australia achieved pro- ductivity increases of 30% at signifi cantly reduced costs, the company reported. Separately, Caterpillar reported its newly announced Cat D11 Dozer features load-sensing hydraulics, high-horsepower reverse, and other technology that en- ables it to move more material at a lower cost per ton than earlier models. The D11 features a redesigned main- frame and components for increased reliabil- ity and durability, the company reported. The larger equalizer bar features an improved bearing design. The elevated sprocket un- dercarriage features a more robust track roll- er frame to extend component service life. Offroad Tire Series for Dumpers Expanded Magna Tyres Group an- nounced it expanded the Magna M-Terrain E4 tire series with new sizes. The tires are now available in 750/65R25, 875/65R29 and 800/80R29. The additions are specifi cally designed for articulated dump trucks. Epiroc Launches 2 nd Generation Battery-run Machines

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