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64 E&MJ • DECEMBER 2018 COMPANY PROFILE-PAID ADVERTISEMENT Defining Tire Management When Kal Tire set out to serve the coal mine operators of BC 45 years ago, its intent was to do more than just be a supplier of tires. Kal Tire first set out to define and understand mine operators' tire challenges and application needs. The newly formed Mining Tire Group then developed deep relationships with multiple premium brand manufacturers in order to establish a leading offering of tires specifically suited to the arduous mining applications. Today, the Mining Tire Group's capability has grown to a comprehensive suite of managed performance products and services. The supply process is first underpinned by Kal Tire's proprietary Safe Work and Tire Technician Certification Standards. The portfolio then fills out with performance management for tire life, tire operating costs, operator awareness training, inventory and logistics support, leading repair/retread and extended life programs, tooling innovation and end of life, environmentally responsible recycling and scrap management. Today, Kal Tire provides tire management services to mine sites across five continents, operating in a broad range of commodities and applications, climate extremes and ground conditions. Its experience and reach means they are able to mobilize quickly with highly skilled, certified safe, tire technicians, specialists and tire fitment management services. The management system is built with proactive maintenance capability at its core. Proprietary TOMS (Tire Operating Management System) software integrates a warehouse of data with practical field inspections and observations to deliver optimum uptime between services. Service capabilities and experience drive timely rotations, critical pressure monitoring, special applications such as chains, rim management and finally casing management to deliver the most opportunity for a long and productive tire life. Rounding out the service is an array of sophisticated analysis and reporting tools to deliver measurable cost savings and key performance indicators to complement mine site performance reporting systems. Beyond world-class mining tire service and supply, Kal Tire is working hard at expanding its capability and methodology in its industry-leading training and learning foundation for risk management and safety. The aim is to be the leader in visible and practical management techniques for the stored energy and handling risk inherent in mining tires. On the learning journey, Kal Tire has made it their business to participate and engage in sharing and learning safety forums, together with industry operators and customers. Kal Tire's view is that the combined knowledge of its customers' experience and its own is fundamental to a more complete architecture for safety. The overall program to-date has developed a benchmark set of standards known as the Kal Tire Way. The system ensures that all current and future tire technicians working across continents and cultures are trained to the same Kal Tire Standards. Facilitated through Kal Tire's Learning Management System (LMS), training assigns specific curriculum to technicians for their role, tasks and equipment they'll use. Technician training can take up to 27 months, depending on the scope of tasks, to complete. In the end, the fully trained team member understands not just their tools and tasks, but also the hazards and controls of the trade. An important component of Kal Tire's safety and productivity journey has been the realization of its innovation program. The program encourages and rewards ideas from team member field experiences and funnels them in to a prioritization process. The output has quickly produced safety and productivity enhancements into the field. The following proprietary tools have been developed: • The Gravity Assist System is a mechanical arm that weightlessly manoeuvres the roughly 36 kg torque gun used routinely by technicians to fasten the 70 lug nuts on an ultra-class tire. The tool reduces incidents caused by vibrations and repetitive muscular- skeletal stress. • The Lock Ring Lifter and Lock Ring Spreader mechanically manages the sensitive process of installing and removing lock rings on haul truck rim assemblies. • The Service Trolley provides a remote- controlled system to operate multiple rams and bead breakers, increasing productivity. • The patented Ram Mount Tool securely holds the ram in place while breaking the bead during vertical dismounts on CAT 797 and Komatsu 930, and our tire deflator cuts deflation time in half on an ultra-class tire. Ultra Repair™ is another exclusive process that uses a stronger cable replacement patch and unique installation technology to repair large injuries once thought impossible to fix on mining's largest tires. It removes tires from premature scrap and waste while also saving thousands in lost investment. Kal Tire has a solution for end of tire life too. A unique process and partnership, operating currently in Canada, is leading the way to a global capability for recycling solutions. As Kal Tire brings its tire management solutions to more customers and communities, the company continues to grow. Recent acquisitions include the tire services business of Klinge & Co. in Australia and the South Africa operations of Tyre Corporation.

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