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DEC 2018

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UTILITY EQUIPMENT 66 E&MJ • DECEMBER 2018 Underground production crews gain all the glory for steady advancement. Without the support of utility equipment, however, their jobs would be much more difficult. Wheth- er it's transferring supplies, delivering fuel, spraying shotcrete or charging blastholes, various pieces of utility equipment play a vital role in underground mining. Most mining districts have regional suppliers that build custom equipment for the mines. Over time, several of these companies began to export their equip- ment and services. Others working in construction or tunneling saw an opportu- nity to expand into mining. What follows is a roundup of some of the news from these suppliers submitted to Engineering & Mining Journal (E&MJ). Paus Celebrates 50 Years for Service During October, Hermann Paus Maschin- enfabrik held a 50-year celebration for its employees and customers at its pro- duction facilities in Emsbüren, Germany. Since its inception, Paus has grown to become one of the leading companies in specialty mechanical engineering. The company's founder, Hermann Paus, was an agricultural engineer who became involved in mining in 1974 and since then has been involved in many developments in the mechanization of underground min- ing. A visionary, he developed custom vehi- cles for the mines and was among the first to design vehicles for trackless mining. His first customers were in the former Soviet Union, a region to which the company is still very much connected today. As early as 1984, Paus was one of the first to develop an electrically powered 20-metric-ton truck powered by a 1,000- volt overhead line to keep diesel exhaust gases out of the pits. Paus mining equipment, construction machinery, lift technology and industrial vehicles, are used on all continents. To- day, Paus' two sons continue to manage the business, which employs 250 people. Their motto is: "Paus.... the people who care," which means cultivating dialogue with industry experts and customers. The company has set high-quality standards for production and customer service. Its product line includes robust, yet comfortable vehicles for transport- ing miners, as well as service and supply vehicles. The Universa 40/50 series and the MinCa series are designed as platforms. The quick-change system of the Universa vehicles allows easy, safe configuration of various bodies on the base platform. Depending on the task, whether concrete mixer, maintenance vehicle with work shop, scissor lift or tire changer, the mul- tipurpose utility vehicles meet rugged un- derground mining requirements. Supporting Underground Production Specialty equipment manufacturers celebrate milestones By Steve Fiscor, Editor The Universa 40 from Paus features a quick-change system for several uses. MacLean Engineering's 200th SL3 ScissorLift was shipped to the Lamaque mine in Quebec.

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