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UTILITY EQUIPMENT 68 E&MJ • DECEMBER 2018 "Eldorado is an excellent corporate citizen in Val d'Or and a valued custom- er for MacLean. We're honored to work with them at Lamaque — the MacLean fleet will be well supported by our local branch for many years to come," said Tony Caron, MacLean general manager for Quebec and Latin America. Centerra Gold's Kemess Underground Project in British Columbia's northern inte- rior is the destination for MacLean's 100th boom truck. Kemess is a former open-pit gold and copper mine that is currently in the feasibility study stage for a block-cave mining operation. Already on site is a Mac- Lean ANFO charger, in preparation for un- derground mining to commence. "Centerra chose MacLean to be their mobile unit provider based on previous positive experiences with our products. They also want to standardize their equip- ment and have fewer OEMs on site. Mac- Lean's reputation for service and support, along with equipment reliability and du - rability, played an important part in their selection as well," said Adam Howse, Ma- cLean business development manager for Western Canada and the U.S. "From our end, we're excited to work with Centerra to help build Canada's next underground block-cave mine." MacLean Engineering's mining di- vision builds a comprehensive line of mobile equipment for full-range mining cycle support across all underground min- ing methods in ground support, ore flow, and utility vehicle product categories. Classic's Fuel and Lube Hauler From its facilities in Utah, Classic Motors designs and builds underground approved fuel and lube haulers. These trucks are available for both metal/nonmetal and coal applications. In coal, these units are classified as heavy-duty, nonpermissible vehicles and incorporate the necessary braking and emissions controls to meet that requirement, the company said. These vehicles can move quickly over long distances, allowing the op- erator to fuel and service slow moving pieces of equipment efficiently. Clas- sic Motors said it can custom configure the vehicle to dispense multiple types of fluids, fuel and emulsion. Compressed air is also available to power air driv- en tools and recharge compressed air starting systems. Classic Motors also provides the Jeep J8, Chrysler's newest vehicle designed for the underground mining sector. Originally designed for military use, this Jeep can eas- ily withstand harsh mining environments. Equipped with a VM 2.8L Turbo Diesel, the J8 offers outstanding power and torque while producing extremely low emissions. The engines in these units are Mine Safe- ty and Health Administration (MSHA) and CANMET approved for both underground metal/nonmetal and coal operations. Normet Provides Several Options for One Chassis The Multimec system from Normet consists of a series of cassettes, each for a different purpose, that fit on a common carrier. A rugged load handling device allows the carrier to switch cas- settes in less than a minute, according to the company. The diesel-powered carrier can reach a maximum speed of 9 km/h fully loaded on a 1:7 upward incline. On the level, they can reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h. The front axle suspension system enhances driving safety and comfort and reduces fatigue by reducing vibration from wheels to the cabin and improves handling of the vehicle. The new Normet FOPS- and ROPS-ap- proved safety cabin provides great visibil- ity and a comfortable compartment for the driver and the passenger. The cabin is designed for safe and easy entry and exit. Door openings are wide and hand- rails and non-slip steps are correctly positioned. The dashboard is easy and simple to use. New multifunctional dis- play (MID) provides driving information (speed, RPM, temperatures, etc.) and information can be recorded for analysis. Enclosed cabin provides noise level less than 75 dB ensuring safe and comfort driving. All service points can be reached from the ground level. Normet has designed six casettes for the carrier, including a crane cassette, lube cassette, fuel cassette (3,500-l tank), firefighting cassette (water and foam tanks) and a concrete mixer cas- sette. The lube cassette has three tanks (2,000 l, 1000 l, 500 l), a 20-kg greasing system and a hose reel/pump compart- ment with pneumatic pumps. The crane cassette has a lifting capacity 5 tons and Putzmeister's Mixkret 3 stands 2.2 m high and has a 3-m 3 mixing capacity. Normet's Mulitmec system has six cassettes, giving one chassis multiple uses.

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