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UTILITY EQUIPMENT DECEMBER 2018 • E&MJ 69 3.4-m x 1.7-m platform. The concrete mixer cassette holds 5.5 m 3 . It's also available with a high pressure washer. Normet also makes the Charmec LC 605 D(V) charger with a diesel-hydraulic drive, which is designed for face and pro- duction charging in underground mines with tunnels up to 65 m² cross sections where the maximum face height is 8.8 m. An external emulsion kit is located in the middle of the unit. It also has a special container for stick powder boxes, primers and detonators, making it possi- ble to bring all the needed materials to face at once. It eliminates the need for an additional explosive service vehicle. A compressor option eliminates the need for external pressure airline. Putzmeister Launches 2 New Machines During 2018, Putzmeister launched two new pieces of shotcreting equipment for underground mining: the concrete spray- ing equipment Wetkret 4 and the low-pro- file mixer Mixkret 3. Wetkret 4 is ideal for narrow galler- ies in mining, thanks to its heavy-duty chassis with compact size (1,900 mm in width and 2,200 mm in height) and reduced turning radii. It boasts two spray- ing arm versions, adapting to gallery re- quirements, one with a maximum vertical reach of 10 m and the other of 7.5 m. The shotcrete pump is the most im- portant component in a mechanized con- crete spraying system. For 60 years, Putz- meister has been a recognized leader is the manufacture of concrete pumps. This know-how has been applied to the con- crete pump mounted on the Wetkret 4, specially designed for concrete spraying, the company said. The Putzmeister Wetkret 4 pump guarantees a homogeneous shotcrete application, to be able to ensure the re- quired quality and layer thickness, as well as reducing rebound. Its concrete flow of 20 m 3 /h allows for increased productivity. Wetkret 4 also comes equipped with automatic synchronization of the additive dosage with the concrete flow, a FOPS/ ROPS-certified cabin that faces the direc- tion of travel, hydrostatic transmission, an integrated air compressor and optimal weight distribution. The Mixkret 3 complements Putz- meiter's Mixkret family. It is compact and robust, small in size and turning radius, and suitable for narrow-vein min- ing. The perfect complement to Wet- kret 4, the automated concrete spray- ing equipment was launched just a few months ago. It has the same components as Wetkret 4, facilitating and improving spare parts management. It is the only mixer in the market of its height (2,200 mm) that has a mixing capacity of 3 m 3 . The tank's novel lifting system offers a wide versatility in terms of the height of concrete release for a shot- crete robot. Mixkret 3 comes equipped with a pow- erful four-cylinder diesel engine, which gives it a great capacity for climbing and transfer, as well as the ability to work at height. It also has a continuously variable hydrostatic transmission system without gear changes, which improves climbing ability, transfer speed, starting accelera- tion and fuel consumption. TAILINGS FLOTATION CELLS THICKENER UNDERFLOW CONCENTRATORS CENTRIFUGE AND CYCLONE FEED Series 5200 Control Pinch Valve Series D Slurry Knife Gate Valve Series DX Slurry Knife Gate Valve Series 75 Manual Pinch Valve Red Valve | 412.279.0044 The Best Choice for the Toughest Mining Applications. Since 1953, Red Valve Company has been the world's leading manufacturer of slurry valves for the mining industry. Built to last, Red Valve products are the industry's first choice for isolation and modulating valves througout a mining operation. Our global representative network stands ready to work with you.

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