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DEC 2018

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88 E&MJ • DECEMBER 2018 COMPANY PROFILE-PAID ADVERTISEMENT Varel Mining and Industrial designs, man- ufactures, and services application-spe- cific roller cone bits for the mining and construction industries. Proprietary design capabilities, efficient manufacturing, and a global presence provide a unique ability to reliably and rapidly deploy industry-leading drilling solutions. Varel's leadership in roller cone bits and rotary percussion systems is driven by a commitment to innovative technology, advanced laboratory science, and decades of practical expertise focused on improving performance. Roller Cone Bits Varel roller cone bits provide a comprehen- sive set of options for fine-tuning drilling per- formance in any rock and application. Each bit is a highly engineered product designed for the task, and easily enhanced with a wide range of specialized features. These innovative, often patented, and always-reli- able technologies apply decades of experi- ence to fully optimizing ROP, lowering total drilling cost, and extending bit life. That legacy and commitment is recognized in industry-leading bits, including Ridgeback ® , D-Force™, Avenger ® , and Target ® ; and pio- neering features such as EdgeGuard ® shirt- tail protection and Sidewinder™ cuttings removal enhancement. Rotary Percussion System Percussion forces in mining blast hole drill- ing applications are a powerful solution for increasing ROP and lowering drilling costs. Varel's RPS tool and bits provide percussion versatility, reliability, and performance with innovative technology that complements rotary forces. Patented RPS tools efficiently apply compressed air energy to extend the benefits of percussion options across a wide range of formation applications. The versatile tool mitigates water concerns and operates in rotary-only mode as needed. RP bits build on in-depth Varel expertise to stand up to the demands of rotary percussion tools for reliable performance. Based on Ridgeback blast hole mining bits, the percussion bits feature reinforced welds, patented HET cutting structures, and enhanced structural strength. Technology At the heart of the Varel solution is a long-standing commitment to technology. Industry-leading innovation is the result of a proven process of understanding the challenge, engineering the solution, and applying it effectively and economically. Proprietary software solutions include the Advanced Modeling Package (AMP) for standalone modeling of cutting struc- ture interaction with the formation for practical, real-world design. The drilling simulator uses Geoscience and customer supplied lithology data, along with RC Pro cutting structure designs, to virtually approximate ROP and cutting structure life in different formations and drilling conditions. RC Pro software for cutting structure and bearing design facilitates rapid product development and design accuracy. Product performance is assured by extensive metallurgical laboratory test- ing performed in state-of-the-art facilities, and advanced seal testing to understand the effects of friction-related heat pro- duced at different motor speeds and axial motion frequencies. Equally important, Varel field service engineers provide expert analyses to fine tune applications and inform the development of new products. Commitment and Resources The industry was a much different place in 1947 when Varel began supplying drill bits for the mining industry. In the intervening years, it has been a leading innovator of specialized technologies and products that apply a unique expertise to producing task-driven solutions. Today, Varel is a powerful resource for reliable options that increase ROP and lower drill- ing costs for mining, industrial, and oil and gas applications. Varel Mining and Industrial: Drilling Expertise and Technology

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