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Fully Mobile Surge Loader (Equipment 3D Visualisation) Patent Pending; UK Patent Application No 1709467.3 The latest MMD solution, a Fully Mobile Surge Loader, is designed to help open-pit mines harness the full capabilities of the shovel and experience the benefits of continuous mining using their existing truck fleet. Revolutionising the speed of loading trucks, the Surge Loader stockpiles material and then delivers a regulated flow on demand. With trucks no longer needing to reverse into position, the shovel and Surge Loader work together continuously as the trucks queue. Optimised truck utilisation and increased fill factor mean fewer trucks are needed to move the same amount of dirt, driving down your cost per tonne. The rig can be deployed independently for overburden handling, or together with MMD's flagship Fully Mobile Sizer station for processing hard rock or wet and sticky ores. With reasonable capital investment and tailored to your needs, the Surge Loader system quickly outperforms traditional loading methods. Based on simulation data, MMD believes a shovel's utilisation will rapidly rise from an average of 60% to over 95%. Global mining is changing: discover how our worldwide support structure, technical expertise and service excellence will ensure your equipment lives up to your expectations. MINE SMARTER LOAD QUICKER Visit us at SME 2019 FEB 24 - 27 Booth 1643

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