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FEBRUARY 2019 • E&MJ 41 RESOURCE MODELLING and parameters tweaked, he said. "For us it is about high-quality data coming in, rapid modelling and visualization of the outcome," Fogarty said, "and with the ability, with that speed, to then change parameters, introduce new data, and get very rapid, near-real-time updating of the information so that decisions can be made off the back of that." Speed and accuracy is made possible by a "back-end engine and underlying al- gorithm, which is incredibly robust," Fog- arty said. It is robust enough to process large and growing data sets, he said. It is also robust enough to allow the ge- ologist to tinker with the model. "Iterations are really simple, partly because they are simpler to do in the workflow, but partly because of the speed of the product," Fog- arty said. "That comes down to teasing the parameters, which allows them to test hy- potheses by introducing new data. Then, of course, with the visualization, whether it is within the product or exported to a viewer, it is really easy to not just see but share and collaborate on the results." EDGE also allows subsequent users to look back on the history of the incremen- tal development of the model. The sum total of tools, features and capabilities offered by EDGE liberates the geologist and democratizes his or her team, Fogarty said. "It allows the geolo- gist to really spend more time thinking about that model in the context of the ge- ology in their specific situation," Fogarty said. "The geologist can far more rapidly generate a hypothesis model and iterate on top of that, rather than spending their entire time developing a model over a long period of time. This allows them to spend more time being a geologist and interro- gating the models that are generated to quickly get the best outcome." EDGE was developed for use by any geologist who develops resource informa- tion. "What we have found is that we be- lieve there is a place for it in each and ev- ery organization right now," Fogarty said. "We've had wide adoption throughout the year right across the value chain by con- sultants, junior miners and mid-tier and major mining companies." Adoption requires Leapfrog Geo, but can be used in tandem with other similar solutions. "We believe fundamentally in openness and interoperability as an orga- nization," Fogarty said. "We are clear that our users may be using multiple other software packages and they may jump be- tween our products and other products." The company offers a free trial. "We have a global team of experienced project geologists from all around the world who provide support and training to get people up and running," Fogarty said. The company reported EDGE is set to be developed into a stand-alone solution. Once there, it will likely continue to dis- rupt the status quo, Fogarty said. "We see EDGE changing how resource companies build estimation models in the same way Leapfrog Geo has changed how they build geological models," he said. "Whether it is through speed or processing, whether it is through the ability to have a single workflow from the resource model on to the communication of that and collabora- tion on it, we'd like to think that, through EDGE, we changed the way that people were doing their resource models." Proven Concept – new machine A WIRTGEN GROUP COMPANY WIRTGEN GmbH · Reinhard-Wirtgen-Str. 2 . D-53578 Windhagen . T: +49 26 45 / 131 0 220 SM / 220 SMi: Economical, safe, selective. The WIRTGEN Surface Miner 220 SM / 220 SMi is the new specialist for raw material extraction using the windrowing process. It is ideal for use in small to medium-sized mining operations. Routing work? No problem! High productivity at low operating costs is its hallmark. Drilling and blasting? Superfluous! WIRTGEN surface miners have proven their value worldwide for decades. Take advantage of innovative solutions from the technology leader. Booth FS.1011 Leapfrog EDGE allows the geologist to determine the workflow. Above, a kriging model for a copper-bearing orebody generated in EDGE. (Photo: Seequent)

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