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68 E&MJ • FEBRUARY 2019 EQUIPMENT GALLERY Maptek reported. Undocking views when running multiple monitors helps users compare plans against as-builts, improv- ing interpretation. Further, users can cre- ate their own toolbars, menus and short- cut keys to suit individual work patterns. Hammer Rods, Bits Offer Better Production, Wear Resistance Boart Longyear announced the DriftMas- ter series of top hammer rods and bits, with a unique thread profi le designed for added endurance and strength. Field test results exceeded expectations, according to company leadership. The rods and bits offer a tapered profi le for an increased material cross-section at the base of the threads. Asymmetrical thread geometry minimizes stress concentrations. The low- er stress combined with deep case hard- ening allows for a signifi - cant increase in cyclic load handling capa- bility, the com- pany reported. The thread geometry com- bined with car- burizing heat treatment offers increased wear resis- tance. To further improve productivity, the tapered thread profi le provides superior rod-bit makeup and breakout character- istics for more drilling time, the company reported. DriftMaster is available in 35 mm hex cross-sections for use with stan- dard, Retrac, and Straightrac button bits from 43 mm-64 mm. The initial offering includes dome and pilot reamers. Cloud-based Dust, Fume Collection Monitoring Donaldson unveiled a Web-connected solu- tion that monitors industrial dust, fume and mist collectors and alerts users about need- ed maintenance. The solution uses sensors and a controller to gather data from a col- lector, run analytics in the cloud, and push results to the user via dashboard, email or text. It can be installed on existing or new industrial dust and fume equipment. Pilot tests demonstrated signifi cant savings in time and costs, the company reported. The solution was launched with an early-adopt- er program announced in November. Smart Sensor for Bearings ABB launched the ABB Ability Smart Sen- sor for Dodge mounted bearings. Part of the ABB Ability Digital Powertrain, the solution enables health checks and provides an ear- ly indicator of potential problems by assess- ing vibration and temperature information, the company reported. The sensor uses al- gorithms to assess, manage and ensure the performance of components. It mounts to the bearing and communicates wirelessly via a smartphone. Timely warnings of po- tential problems can help prevent down- time on conveyors, the company reported. Laser-based Methane Detector QED Environmental Systems showcased the LANDTEC SEM5000 Portable Methane (CH4) Detector. The SEM5000 uses patent- ed laser technology with a frequency dialed specifi cally to methane. Readings are not affected by cross-gassing and can be saved to a desktop computer using the SEMsoft software package, which features multiple reporting functions. The SEM5000 meets or exceeds U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Method 21, Determination of Vola- tile Organic Compound Leaks requirements for quarterly SEM monitoring. Versatile and user-friendly, the SEM5000 is lightweight and ergonomically designed, the company reported. It features integrated GPS and Bluetooth. No additional devices are re- quired. The SEM5000 is accurate down to 0.5 parts per million.

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