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G L O B A L H E A D Q U A R T E R S • ( 412 ) - 9 6 3 - 9 0 71 • P I T T S B U R G H , PA U S A • W W W. J E N N M A R .C O M ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY, AND STRENGTH J-LOK P ™ Pumpable Resin System is an innovative resin delivery system for underground mining and tunneling applications. The system consists of a two-component, pumpable, polyester resin and a specialized pump that delivers the resin directly to the bolt hole. Developed to improve the productivity, safety and reliability of ground support installations, J-LOK P can be used for a wide range of ground support products including solid steel rebar, hollow core bolts and cable tendons. TWO-COMPONENT ISOCYANATE FREE SYSTEM SYSTEMS AVAILABLE IN BOTH SKID & MACHINE MOUNTED UNITS IN USE THROUGHOUT NORTH AMERICA, AUSTRALIA & ASIA J-LOK P ™ IS THE SUPERIOR ANCHORING SYSTEM Application Typical Resin Speed for Application Gel Time 1 12" Short Encapsulation Pull Test (Time to 20 tons) 1, 2 Solid Rebar Bolts J-Lok P 10 5 - 7 Seconds 10 Seconds J-Lok P 60 15 - 25 Seconds 60 Seconds Hollow Core Bolt (SDA, MPA,...) J-Lok P 120 60 - 75 Seconds 120 Seconds J-Lok P 180 2 - 4 Minutes 3 Minutes Long Tendons (Cables, Strand...) J-Lok P 250 4 - 6 Minutes 10 Minutes J-Lok P 700 15 - 30 Minutes 1-2 Hours Strength Advantages: • Fast curing and rapid strength gain. • Over 5.2 tons per inch of anchorage can be attained. • Provides full encapsulation of anchors. • Customizable gel times, seconds to hours. Environmental Advantages: • Does not contain isocyanates. • Minimal waste. • Extended shelf-life over 1 year. • Product does not crystallize in warm conditions or separate when frozen. No need to re-agitate. • Un-mixed material can be easily disposed of or made inert.

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