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MINERS GUIDE TO BAUMA MARCH 2019 • E&MJ 43 TE160 used on the compact Brokk 110 to the powerful TE360 used on the big- gest Brokk machines. All drill rigs are characterized by their exceptional perfor- mance-to-weight ratio, the company said. Technology Solutions for Lubricants Evonik will present two of its leading technology solutions at bauma (Hall A3, Stand 244): DYNAVIS technology, which optimizes the viscosity of hydraulic flu- ids; and industrial gear oil formulations based on NUFLUX technology, which perform as well as synthetic based fluids, at a lower cost, the company said. Changing from a standard hydraulic fluid to one formulated with DYNAVIS technology generates many benefits, in- cluding increases in machine productivity and improved fuel efficiency, according to Evonik. Additional benefits include the machines operating more efficient- ly, reacting better, needing less frequent service, and suffering less wear and tear, ultimately extending their service life, according to Evonik. And, this pays off quickly, most notably in extremely de- manding applications, while also assuring higher returns, lower energy consumption and reduced CO 2 emissions. Companies who focus on mining, road construction, demolition or earth-moving have realized increased profits, with peak efficiency gains reaching up to 25%, ac- cording to Evonik. A current test project on a Hitachi EX1200 hydraulic excavator at a mine in the Kuznetsk Basin, Russia, demonstrated that the use of DYNAVIS technology yielded 7.9% growth in coal extraction as measured in bank cubic me- ters per hour. Oils formulated with NUFLUX technol- ogy are largely equivalent to synthetic lu- bricants, and even surpass them in some respects. In fact, during a recent field trial with pump gear in South Africa, a higher degree of efficiency was measured with aerators that promises to pay off. This made the plant's decision easier to fill 26 of their gears in the water treatment system with NUFLUX formulated oil, saving them approximately EUR 17,500 per month. Using Lighting Systems to Improve Safety Lighting and electronics expert HELLA (Hall A5, Stand 436) has developed the VISIOTECH projection technology and has already launched four products to help in these situations: The LED Projection Module, the warning lights SL60 LED, Module 50 LED Spot and — particularly for mining — the RokLUME S700 Red. The LED Projection Module was spe- cially developed for original equipment and projects an exclamation mark as a warning symbol on the ground near the machinery. For the SL60 LED and Mod- ule 50 LED Spot warning lights, a special lens optic allows the light rays to converge so much that a strip-shaped warning line or warning spot is projected on to the ground. This application serves to warn other vehicles or pedestrians of an oncom- ing vehicle. The lines projected in front of a vehicle can, however, also be used as a means of simpler vehicle navigation. The RokLUME S700 Red LED warn- ing light utilizes the same principle and projects a wide red marking on to the ground, thus highlighting the danger zone around the vehicle. Thanks to its powerful light output, the warning light can also be used on vehicles with high mounting positions and is particularly suitable for mining vehicles. Electric-powered Excavator Liebherr will give bauma attendees a unique chance to experience its latest innovations first-hand, which range from construction machines, material handling, mining and components. Visitors can look forward to seeing many new technologies and other practical innovations at Liebherr's 14,000- m 2 outdoor stand (809-813) and its indoor stand (Hall A4, Stand 326). For the mining division, visitors will see demonstrations of the R 9200 E elec- tric-drive excavator. This will be a world premiere for a machine in this class. To- gether with the R 9200 E, Liebherr-Min- ing will present the new T 236 diesel electric-drive truck. At the fair, Liebherr Components will also reveal the demo version of an app that shows the extensive functionality of all Liebherr's condition monitoring com- ponents, from diesel engines to energy storage, hydraulics, transmissions and slewing bearings. In the future, this will enable machine manufacturers to inform fleet managers, service personnel and machine operators about the condition of their components. Hella's RokLUME projects a red danger zone on the ground around the excavator. Liebherr will unveil electrically powered hydraulic shovels at bauma.

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