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MINERS GUIDE TO BAUMA 48 E&MJ • MARCH 2019 This significantly reduces maintenance requirements and increases availability. A key advantage of the lizard is its multi-crawler chassis. thyssenkrupp used its expertise in this area to develop a unique solution that improves productivi- ty. A multi-crawler chassis with no override control, the so-called "float system," is at- tached to the tripper car. The double crawl- ers with no steering cylinders ensure unre- stricted maneuverability in all directions. The system can be attached to any crawler to avoid the large turning circles of con- ventional gearing systems. "To be able to flexibly control the mechanically indepen- dent multiple crawlers is a game changer in mobile mining equipment," said Paulo Costa, head of mining systems. The float gearing system allows the liz- ard to be operated flexibly: When a stack- ing row is completed, the tripper car is at either the front or rear end of the bridge. Before moving to the next stacking row, the tripper car has to turn its crawlers through 90° in the direction of bridge movement without impacting the per- formance of the system. In this way, the tripper car and the stacking bridge move backward or forward as one stacking sys- tem depending on the stacking plan. Tsurumi to Launch 2 Pumps No two mining projects are the same, which also applies to the dewatering sys- tems. Two new pumps by pump manufac- turer Tsurumi offer greater scope to come up with ideal solutions. With its innovations KTZ415 and KTZ615, the Japanese com- pany has outdone its series of professional drainage pumps for difficult applications. The 615 is the new top model of the KTZ series that now comprises 15 models. Thanks to a motor output of 15 kW, the aggregate achieves up to 2,800 liters per minute (l/min) with discharge heads of al- most 40 meters (m). In contrast, the 415 with the same motor only pumps 2,000 l/ min, but up to a maximum height of 55 m. Both submersible pumps can cope with heavy particulates with grain diam- eters of up to 12 mm. The pumps are pressure-resistant to a submersion depth of 25 m and have a pressure port with a diameter of four (model 415) and/or six (mode 65) inches on the outside thread. Tsurumi will be displaying many other pump models (Hall A6, Stand 338), as well as another innovative that it still un- der wraps but which will be launched in 2019. Engineering enthusiasts can also look forward to exhibits of cutaway pump models and live wet applications. Smaller Surface Miners Wirtgen's 220 SM 3.8/220 SMi 3.8 surface miner selectively mines raw materials up to a cutting depth of 350 mm and a uniaxial compressive strength of 35 megaPascals (MPa). Thanks to its 3.8-m-wide cutting drum designed specifically for soft-rock mining, the compact surface miner achieves maximum productivity at low operating costs and is perfect for use in small to large mining operations, according to Wirtgen. The 220 SM/SMi's cutting drum has been designed specifically for demanding windrow applications in soft rock, such as coal or salt. Maximum cutting perfor- mance combined with the ideal use of en- gine power and low specific fuel consump- tion allows raw materials to be mined in an extremely cost-effective process. Six different adjustable cutting-drum speeds ensure that the machine can be perfectly adapted to the material being extracted. This leads to a significant reduction in pick wear, minimal diesel consumption, and increased productivity, which trans- late into an impressive daily output and low cost per ton of extracted material. In surface mining, the continuous availability of the machine and its safe operation are of critical importance. This is why the surface miner's components are designed to achieve a long service life, even under extreme conditions. For example, filters in all circuits and a pres- surized hydraulic reservoir ensure maxi- mum purity in the hydraulic system and, as a result, safe operations. The clean oil in turn prolongs the service life of the downstream components and thus in- creases the availability of the machine. The 220 SM/SMi also meets occupa- tional safety requirements in surface min- ing thanks to the standard-equipped ROPS/ FOPS operator's cabin. The cabin features additional soundproofing and vibration isolation, allowing the operator to work for several hours without the risk of fatigue. The ergonomically designed and clearly arranged controls are integrated into the armrests of the driver's seat, and all of the machine's key functions are logically incor- porated into the multifunctional joysticks. This means that the operator can operate the machine intuitively in just a few steps and fully concentrate on high-precision mining. The state-of-the-art, fully air-con- ditioned, large-capacity cabin also features generously sized windows, giving the oper- ator a direct view of the cutting edge and with it, the results of their work. Tsurumi KTZ series submersible pumps. Wirtgen's 220 SM 3.8/220 SMi 3.8 surface miner selectively mines soft rock.

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