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MARCH 2019 • E&MJ 59 PROCESSING SOLUTIONS enables mining companies and national regulators to gain a comprehensive view of the status of their dams with granular metrics such as pond elevation, piezo- metric pressures, inclinometer readings and weather conditions displayed in one place, no matter where the mine is locat- ed. The solution is claimed to be highly versatile and features sensor-agnostic ca- pabilities, so it will work with both exist- ing sensors and new devices. The solution will be available to all of Knight Piésold's clients immediate- ly. Richard Elmer, regional manager for Knight Piésold UK, said, "The current tailings auditing and management busi- ness consists of semiannual or annual site visits with recommendations based on these visits. Instrumentation data is often collected on-site and mining com- panies are largely reliant on human ac- tivity for the collection, storage and anal- ysis of the data. Our collaboration with Inmarsat provides our clients access to the latest and best available technology for real time data collection and anal- ysis. We see this as a game-changing improvement in how companies monitor their current tailings storage facilities and we are proud to be at the forefront of this latest industry innovation." Commenting on the new solution and partnership, Paul Gudonis, president of Inmarsat Enterprise, said, "We have been working with Knight Piésold's UK practice since 2017 to develop an approach to tail- ings dam monitoring that supports smarter, safer and more regulated mining practices. Following successful trials we are pleased to be able to bring what we believe to be a truly disruptive solution to market." Overlay Plate Provides High Performance in Sliding-wear Applications SSAB said its new Duroxite 200 overlay plate saves money and improves pro- ductivity in a wide range of applications through higher output and less mainte- nance. Offering a high proportion of ex- tremely hard multiple alloy complex car- bides deposited on a mild-steel backing plate, Duroxite 200 will last much longer than common chromium carbide overlay (CCO) products, according to the compa- ny. It noted that Duroxite 200 is particu- larly suitable for preventing sliding wear where abrasive materials require extreme- ly hard surfaces. Duroxite 200 overlay plate is delivered with an overlay thickness guaranteed to within ±10%. This, said SSAB, is consis- tent throughout the material and between individual plates. The wear properties of Duroxite 200 are also guaranteed through- out the overlay down to 75% of the overlay thickness. The remaining 25% of overlay is the transition layer necessary to maintain good bonding to the backing plate. Using Duroxite 200 instead of other CCO products in sliding wear applications will result in a much longer service life, ac- cording to SSAB. Depending on the abra- sive material, the relative service life can be increased three to four times. These numbers were confi rmed by calculations with SSAB's WearCalc software, according to the company. Technical specifi cations for Duroxite 200 include carbide hardness of 2,500- 3,000 HK, volume fraction of primary carbides is 30-50%, and a bulk hard- ness of 60-65 HRC. SSAB said it is the only supplier that guarantees a maximum weight loss for overlay products according to the ASTM G65-Procedure A test. New Condition Monitoring System for Falk Drives Rexnord announced that its Smart Condi- tion Monitoring System (SCMS) provides customers with the capability to reduce downtime, extend asset life and improve performance levels. SCMS measures, records, trends, and displays drive operating conditions and alerts specifi ed users of abnormal oper- ating conditions. Proprietary algorithms continuously compare both individual and aggregated sensor data against em- bedded models of healthy drive operat- ing conditions. When an emerging or actual abnormal condition is detected, contextual infor- mation about the condition is simultane- ously sent to users via e-mail, the smart condition monitoring system cloud-based software portal, and/or the customer's su- pervisory control software, if connected to a control system. System capabilities include: • Drive temperature of key components including: - Ambient temperature - Oil sump temperature • Vibration at key locations: - Measures vibration and identifi es key potential sources of abnormal operation • Oil quality: - Estimated oil life remaining in percent/ hours at low life remaining - Oil water content (relative humidity) - Critically low oil level (subject to drain port availability) • Connected motor current draw • Output shaft speed The subscription-based system, cur- rently available to current users of Falk A and Y gear drives, can be installed either at a Rexnord service center or in place without removing them from service, and connects directly to the user's existing PLC or DCS system. Nolan Landes, director of product man- agement–material handling, said, "Falk A and Y gear drives are often found at the heart of a customer's operation and are key to that customer's ability to deliver value. We are excited to extend the smart condi- tion monitoring system capabilities to Falk A and Y units, and coupled with Rexnord In- dustrial Services, provide a comprehensive monitoring solution that can be retrofi tted to these existing mission-critical assets." The company said A and Y drive digital connectivity is its latest advancement af- ter releasing a digital condition monitoring package for new and retrofi t installations last year. Adding the SCMS to A and Y Gear Drives are two of the newest product lines to be powered by DiRXN, Rexnord's digital productivity platform, integrating IIoT and e-commerce technologies with Rexnord's portfolio of tools, products, sys- tems and services. Rexnord's subscription-based Smart Condition Monitoring System is available for installation on Falk A and Y gear drives.

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