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GETTING DUST UNDER CONTROL Vermeer, the Vermeer logo, Equipped to Do More and Terrain Leveler are trademarks of Vermeer Manufacturing Company in the U.S. and/or other countries. © 2017 Vermeer Corporation. All Rights Reserved. One solution to help is the Vermeer T1255III Terrain Leveler ® surface excavation machine (SEM). The Terrain Leveler SEM features an optional dust suppression system and GPS steering, as well as a cutting head attachment that can create an 80-degree high wall. This technology is ideal for use in surface mine applications — especially those faced with drill and blast restrictions or urban en- croachment. The advantages of the Vermeer technology are numerous: • Access areas of surface mines where drilling and blasting cannot be done because of physical or permit limitations. • See a reduction in noise, dust and vibration compared to drill and blast. • Produce a smaller, more consistent particle size, helping to eliminate the primary crusher step. • Use the Terrain Leveler SEM for haul road construction and maintenance. "The surface excavation machine allows mines to excavate reserves they might not otherwise get to due to drill and blast restrictions or air quality regulations," says Patrick Robinson, commercial business manager at Vermeer. "Mines have already spent considerable time and money on permitting. By integrating our surface excavation technology with their drill and blast program, the mines can have the ability to extract those reserves that otherwise may be left behind." On many mine sites, dust is a challenge due to urban encroach- ment and air quality concerns. An optional dust suppression system on the Vermeer Terrain Leveler SEM features an enclosed cutting head with two large vacuums pulling dust from the enclosed cutting head into baghouses. The collected dust is dropped beneath the machine, helping to reduce the amount of dust entering the air. This also diminishes the need to source water to control dust during the mining process. The T1255III is equipped with Vermeer SmartTEC control soft- ware that assists operators with adjustments to machine operation to help maximize machine perfor- mance. "Our SmartTEC system displays the status of the many critical elements of machine performance, with prompts providing visual cues to the operator for recommended control adjustment," says Robinson. "The software also monitors and records various machine operation attributes for future analysis by the machine owner or fl eet manager." REGULATIONS ARE HAVING A SIGNIFICANT IMPACT ON PRODUCTIVITY IN THE MINING INDUSTRY AT A TIME WHEN IT'S ALREADY RUNNING ON THIN MARGINS. Learn more at PAID ADVERTISEMENT

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