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LEACH PAD DESIGN APRIL 2019 • E&MJ 33 ONE CHOICE THAT CONVEYS THEM ALL Elite Series Pulleys are engineered to offer an efficient and improved alternative to standard stock Drum Pulleys and simplify the selection as they can be used in a wide range of applications from Standard, Mine and Quarry Duty, thus reducing your replacement inventory. Instead of deciding what might be the best pulley for your application, now you have one choice that conveys them all. After more than 65 years of adapting with growing industries, 's continued focus on Quality, Inventory, and Service makes the ONE you rely on. There is a location near you! ¥ 817.258.3000 Scan QR to register to DSSP Training or go to online-training/training-registration True-Turbine End-Disc profile distributes stress more evenly. Moves stress away from the hub and reduces the risk of failure. Stocked with MXT Bushings but available for keyless locking devices. Submerged arc welding with machined-in weld preparation provides maximum weld penetration. Available in stock: • 7 diameters from 14" to 36" • 8 face widths from 20" to 63" • Plain or Lagged (Herringbone or Diamond Grooved) Additional Options: • Special Lagging • Shafting • Couplings and Backstops • Bearing Assemblies • Take-Up Frames • Drive Packages • Complete Assemblies weight were taken in consideration for the design of the overliner fill," he said. Terrain slope and stability were also determining factors, he said. Further, "electrical resistivity testing was done to understand presence of water and cavi- ties below the surface." The ore is described as porphyry ox- ide, porphyry mixed and porphyry sulfide, Chung said. It was hauled and dumped using 50- and 100-ton haul trucks. "Ore has been placed and stacked conforming to the planned 70-m height on average, amounting to a total of 100 million tons during the whole mine life," he said. Climate was a significant factor con- sidered when designing the pad and sys- tem, Chung said. Described as semi-arid, San Luis Potosí, located on an interior steppe, has an average annual tempera- ture of about 17.9°C and receives on av- erage a little more than 34 cm of rainfall per year. "A probabilistic analysis of the 100 years rain event was taken into con - sideration for the collection pipe, chan- nels, and ponds design," Chung said. The system, he said, had to fit into the big picture of the general area. The company considered cost benefits, land availability, existing roads and access- es, creeks, the availability and distance to various construction materials, the needs of local communities and wildlife, as well as the history of the land, to in- clude the possible presence of archaeo- logical artifacts. Chung gave E&MJ a bulleted check- list a miner doing a prefeasibility study for similar heap leach pad could use. The ones he had not alluded to yet centered on human relationships. "Build great re- lationship with authorities and regulators, and establish good communications," Chung said. "Build good relations and communications with the local commu- nities. Help those communities with em- ployment, and develop people." Along those lines, currently the mine is "performing a gradual and inclusive closure process based upon best inter- national practices," he said. "We want to leave a legacy for the community ad- jacent to the mine, and to safeguard the good name of New Gold." As ops wind down, Cerro San Pedro mine donates monumental letters to the locals. The coloration and imagery on the letters point to the history and culture of the area. (Photo: New Gold)

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