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WASTE MANAGEMENT 36 E&MJ • APRIL 2019 ly cuts the steel bead bundles from the tire, simplifying downstream handling and adding value to the wire scrap. The bead remover is part of a transportable, three-stage OTR recycling product line that includes a tire cutter unit that slices OTR tires in half — like splitting a bagel — to reduce the weight and size of giant tires to a more manageable size. As in other areas of mining and heavy industry in general, automation and en- ergy efficiency are becoming strong selling points for OTR tire recycling equipment. For example, Italy-based Salvadori Srl offers the MT-REX system, claimed to be the first fully automated solution capable of handling tires up to 63-in.-rim diameter and providing a continuous flow of consistently sized tire chunks. It can be operated by a single operator using a forklift. No overhead crane is necessary. The MT-REX system weighs about 42 tons and has a footprint of 7 m x 14 m. According to the company, its modular design makes teardown and installation at another site just a two-day operation — one day for disassembly and one day for reassembly. Last year, Eldan Recycling intro- duced a new version of its Super Chop- per "pre-chopper" designed to more eco- nomically handle mining tires that have been cut into segments with an industri- al shear. The Super Chopper shreds the segments and liberates the wire strands within the tire, which are then recovered by a high-powered magnet. The machine is now available with a variable frequency drive, as well as in the original hydrau- lic-drive configuration. According to the company, the frequency drive-equipped Super Chopper provides low startup pow- er demand and cuts overall power con- sumption by 50%-60%. It is capable of handling tires up to 157 in. in diameter and weighing up to 6 tons. Although cutting, shredding and grind- ing has been the conventional industry path for responsible disposal and process- ing of OTR tires, yielding marketable end We approach innovation from all angles. We dream, we design, we innovate. From front- end studies to mine closures and reclamation, Stantec designs creative, innovative, and industry-leading solutions that advance mining companies and the communities they serve. Visit us at Salvadori says its MT-REX recycling equipment can downsize 7,000 or more giant tires per year, providing about 35,000 t/y of tire chunks suitable for shredding.

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