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66 E&MJ • APRIL 2019 OPERATING STRATEGIES Unlock Your Mill's Full Potential Small Footprint > Huge Throughput StackCell's high performance, two-stage flotation technology greatly improves throughput by lowering residence time compared to conventional cells. This compact powerhouse requires a fraction of the space and can be stacked to accommodate plant expansions. StackCell's Advantages: Contact Eriez Flotation Division 1.604.952.2300 or visit • Requires Less Power • Reduces Foundation Loads • High-Rate Flotation • Reduces Capex sor data from workers wearing Garmin activity trackers. By embedding the Garmin Health Companion SDK in the IBM Maximo Worker Insights platform, supervisors and safety offi cers can re- ceive near real-time notifi cations for high heart rate and man down scenar- ios, as well as review historical analyt- ics based on the biometric signals from Garmin wearables. IBM said Guardhat's KYRA IoT plat- form integrates and complements the IBM Worker Insights solution to provide near real-time situational awareness to workers and company operations through the use of Smart PPE wearables. Com- panies can gain deeper understanding of the fi eld situation and raise awareness in the organization to determine best prac- tices and methods for risk mitigation thereby managing or maintaining lower insurance costs. Mitsufuji, a wearable platform provid- er in Japan, has launched a new wearable "shirt" called Hamon to track IoT sensor data from worker's biometrics to help en- sure safety and productivity in extreme environments. The Hamon shirt, made from silver conductive fi bers, collects a wearer's biometric data, including heart rate, body temperature and location, as well as environmental data such as hu- midity, temperature, noise and toxic gas levels, together with the use of IBM Max- imo Worker Insights. By connecting to the IBM Maximo Worker Insights solution on the IBM Cloud, this data can be an- alyzed in near real-time, with alerts and alarms signaled on mobile devices to take a break, change locations, etc., before overexertion or injury occur. SmartCone, which offers smart, IoT- based safety and monitoring solutions for securing vulnerable and hazardous zones, is working with IBM and integrating Max- imo Worker Insights into its portable sys- tem to monitor worker safety in mining and other industrial environments with moving or dangerous no-go zones. Utiliz- ing multi-sensors, audio/video, communi- cation capabilities, computing and edge gateway capabilities, the SmartCone sys- tem combines with IBM Maximo Worker Insights to provide supervisors and safety offi cers with near real-time notifi cation and historical analytics on hazards relat- ed to falls, man-downs, no-go zones, ex- cessive temperatures and more. Mini Power Grids for Remote Ops Rolls-Royce announced it will offer micro- grid solutions from MTU Onsite Energy. The company described the offering as SmartCone will develop detection and alert systems for Integration with IBM's Watson, ranging from wearable alert mechanisms to event-triggered fl ashing LED lights on a safety cone or post.

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