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APRIL 2019 • E&MJ 67 OPERATING STRATEGIES a sustainable energy supply system that can be operated in remote regions. The offering combines renewable en- ergy sources with a battery storage sys- tem, diesel and gas generator sets, and a central controller. It also leverages battery containers combined with photovoltaic and wind power plants. The components connect via a smart energy management system, the company reported. Excess energy can be stored in batteries. The system is designed to provide a stable power supply at all times, for 24/7 operations and at intervals when the demand for electric power is ab- normally high, Rolls-Royce reported. Diesel- and gas-generator sets and bat- tery-storage systems provide stopgap coverage during outages from the re- newable energy sources. Benefi ts include reduced fuel costs and the money saved from not having to connect to a nearby power grid. Those savings should translate into reduced opex, Lars Kräft, vice president, industri- al business, Rolls-Royce Power Systems, said. "We have identifi ed our customers' needs and, with our microgrid systems, are now offering them a solution tailored to their specifi c requirements," he added. MTU Onsite Energy is a Rolls-Royce brand. Real-time Data Acquisition Service Aims at Optimized Exploration Results SGS has launched a new service for the mining industry in North America and Australia called Field Analytical Services and Testing (FAST). The company report- ed that FAST provides real-time data ac- quisition in the fi eld by pairing portable instrumentation and machine learning. It will bring instrumentation into the fi eld, provide data within 24-48 hours and, with the use of machine learning, enable real-time decision-making capa- bilities for clients. "This service offering will allow our cli- ents to optimize their exploration programs and production procedures, while mak- ing rapid decisions that support quicker speed-to-market," said Russ Calow, vice president–global analytical services, min- erals at SGS, in Canada. "SGS is commit- ted to providing analytical procedures that yield meaningful, reliable data, while inte- grating our in-house, industry-leading ma- chine-learning capabilities to give innova- tive, fi eld-based solutions to our clients." SGS, which has more than 160 geo- chemical laboratories in 45 countries, said the solution refl ects a commitment to servicing the mining and smelting industries throughout the entire value chain, leveraging leading technologies. THE NEW METHOD FOR GREASE DISCHARGE The one of a kind discharging solution for lubricants in mining and steel industry STURDY & STRONG • For demanding heavy-duty work environments • Twists with great force, leaving little residue in the Fluid-Bag SAFE & SEALED • Grease is kept clean from dust, particles and moisture • Discharge behind metal safety doors, no risk of injuries The Greek letter Tau, which defines torque, inspired the name of our most powerful yet grease discharger Patent Pending 5 X 1 % of contamination more efficient handling Down to 1% grease residue 0 risk TM FLUID-BAG squeezed by TAU FLUID-BAG, 1000 or 900 l grease MTU diesel generator sets cover the range from 27 to 3,250 kilowatts of electricity.

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