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68 E&MJ • APRIL 2019 SUPPLIERS REPORT A mobile processing plant at a mine in Sierra Leone purchased six additional dry- type transformers by Trafo Power Solu- tions (TPS) as part of an upgrade. The mine originally ordered and deployed four of the transformers. The new contract was a repeat of that order and specified two 800-kilovolt-amp (KVA) units, one 1,600- KVA unit, and one 2,000-KVA unit; plus two transformers, one rated for 1,600 KVA and the other for 800 KVA, to replace two existing oil-filled transformers. The dry-type transformers were selected due to their ability to "withstand the de- manding conditions of a mobile process plant needing to be moved frequently, as often as once a month, over rugged mining terrain," David Claassen, managing direc- tor, TPS, said. "They could not risk using a conventional oil-cooled transformer as they needed to avoid any risk of fire or oil leaks. They also needed a product that would re- quire little to no maintenance." TPS designed the solution to meet the mine's voltage levels of 13.2 KV/480 V at 60 Hz. The transformers are installed in a 6-m-long E-house on the mobile process plant, which is moved around the site on skids as required by the mining plan, TPS reported. "We were able to customize the design of the transformers for the spe- cific application," Claassen said. "This required a special reinforced frame to accommodate the constant vibration of the working plant, as well as the bump- ing motion when the skid-mounted plant is dragged to a new location," he said. "The design also included anti-vibration damping on the transformer feet to fur- ther mitigate the impact of the vibration." Copper Mine Orders Ventilation Shaft Palabora Copper mine, located in Limpopo Province, South Africa, selected Murray & Roberts Cementation for a 1,200-m-deep ventilation shaft. The shaft, with a lined diameter of 8.5 m, will reach a final blind sink depth of 1,190 m before a drop raise takes it to its final depth. Murray & Roberts Cementation report- ed the project could span three years. "After mobilization, site establishment and surface civils have been completed, we expect to conduct pre-sinking until the end of 2019, with the use of our spe- cial shaft-sinking gantry to a shaft depth of 65 m," said Braam Blom, project exec- utive, Murray & Roberts Cementation. A surface headgear and winder instal- lation will be constructed from January to March 2020. This will facilitate the slow sink to 200 m and the main sink, which is expected to take until February 2022. Canadian shutter and lining methods will be employed, the supplier reported. The team is expected to finish shaft stripping by mid-April 2022, and finalize the proj - ect by the end of May 2022. The project is anticipated to employ more than 120 workers. Shaft drilling will be done with two twin-boom Komatsu shaft drill rigs. Mucking will be done by a Komatsu excavator. Jacobs Wins Newcrest Contract Newcrest Mining Ltd. contracted Jacobs to provide underground materials handling services as part of the Cadia (New South Wales) expansion feasibility study. The supplier previously worked with the miner on the project. During the phase that pre- ceded the agreement, Jacobs' personnel proposed a "low-capital intensity solu- tion as part of an integrated team," said Andrew Berryman, senior vice president, minerals and technology, Jacobs Mining. "By embracing an owners' mindset and applying our experience in underground mining, materials handling and expansion projects, our integrated approach has the potential to deliver an impressive return on capital for Newcrest." Alaska Coal Mine Taps BME for Explosives Usibelli Coal Mine (UCM), in Alaska, USA, contracted BME USA to supply explosive products and accessories. The one-year contract includes an option for it to be extended two more years, BME reported. UCM is the only coal-producing mine in the state and supplies between 1.2 million and 2 million tons per year, which feeds six Interior Alaska power plants. Part of South Africa-based BME, the USA branch launched last year in Denver, Colorado, USA. BME has also supplied shipments of its AXXIS detonators to customers in Atlanta and Texas, the company reported. TAKRAF to Supply Shiploader for Project in Chile TAKRAF Italy reported it won a contract in October 2018 to supply a shiploader for a project in Chile. The shiploader is designed to load copper concentrate into oceangoing vessels ranging from 15,000 dry weight tons (DWT) up to 60,000 DWT. The equip- ment will be capable of luffing and slewing and will be equipped with a shuttle en- abling significant outreach. The design will be executed in strict accordance with the Chilean Seismic code, TAKRAF reported. Transco Uses Semtech's Belt Monitoring Tech Transco Industries Inc. will build Sem- tech's LoRa devices and wireless radio frequency technology into its conveyor belt applications for monitoring and cost-cut- ting purposes, Semtech reported. Semtech is a supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms. LoRa technology "enables miners to remotely monitor conveyor belts, there- fore reducing maintenance costs and helping prevent belt failure," CEO of Transco Industries Jeff Brown said. "Pre- viously, mine operations had to contract specialists to monitor factors like belt idler temperature and typically, this could cost hundreds of dollars per hour. With LoRa-based sensors, managers are able Mobile Plant Gets Dry-type Transformers The Trafo Power Solutions transformers are installed in a 6-m-long E-house on the mobile plant. (Photo: Trafo Power Solutions)

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